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Are Hair Extensions Good for You?

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Hair extensions became trending after celebrities started sporting them in numerous events. Those who are having a hard time getting those long, luscious locks that seem to make men go gaga, it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve them because hair extensions can help you out. It is quite tempting to test hair extensions especially when they come in different styles and colors but you need to ask yourself whether they are worth it at all. So to give you an insight on hair extensions, here are the pros and cons of using one.

Why Use Hair Extensions

There are several reasons why using hair extensions have become a huge trend in the beauty industry and among these are:

  • They add volume aside from length. Wearing extensions is not just about making your hair look longer but they can also add more volume to your hair. This is a huge advantage especially when your hair is thinning.
  • You can make your bob longer. If your current haircut is a bob but you would like to add more style to your look, hair extensions can help out. However, the length of the hair extensions might be limited depending on how long your current hair is.
  • They can be braided, woven in or glued. There are several methods in which you can use hair extensions. They can be glued, woven in your hair, or braided for a more secure hold. On the other hand, if you’re simply going to use hair extensions for a special event, you can get an hair extension that can be clipped on instead.
  • They’re low maintenance. If you manage to buy a high quality extension, it can last you for up to 3 months. Most hair extensions are easier to manage so you won’t have a hard time styling it as needed.
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The Downsides of Hair Extensions

Although there are advantages to using this hair accessory, it cannot be denied that there are downsides to it as well.

  • Damage to hair and scalp. Our scalp can be quite versatile as it can manage to hold a lot of hair but when you add more weight to it via hair extensions, your scalp might get pulled which can cause irritation and damage as well. The extensions can also cause damage to your hair strands depending on how they are attached. When glued on, it can cause a burning sensation to your scalp and when it is braided, it can pull at your hair roots.
  • Price. Getting a hair extension can be a bit pricey especially when you’re aiming for a natural look. Also, you will need to go to a professional hair stylist to have your extensions attached properly which can cost you some money.
  • Time. Another downside to using hair extensions is that they can take hours to be installed on your hair. This also depends on the number of extensions you’re going to use and method of application. You might end up spending eight hours at least in the salon just to get your hair extensions installed.

Weighing the pros and cons of using hair extensions is important so you will have a much better idea on whether wearing extensions is well worth your time and money. Although hair extensions do help in making your hair have more volume and length, and allows you to style it in any way you like, you need to take into consideration the time you will be spending for it not to mention the cost as well. And if you ever decide to get one, make sure that you let the professionals do the installation for better results.

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