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Beauty Do’s and Don’ts for Summer

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Summer is the time of year where there is a lot of beauty dos and don’ts. This is mostly due to the harsh weather and the time we spend outdoors. We cannot maintain the same routine we have during each season. Like our clothes we need to change up our beauty routine depending on the season. Even the way we wear our makeup changes. The days are a lot longer and warmer during the summer. Everything seems brighter and hotter. The last thing you want to have is a beauty disaster during the summer season. To help you out we’ve gathered some of the most essential beauty dos and don’ts for summer from our favorite beauty gurus, hair experts and skin professionals. Enjoy these summer months with not beauty hassles with these tips below.

Do Keep Your Makeup Cool

This goes for both tone and product. You don’t really want to wear makeup that appears hot or dark on the skin. Wearing a full eye makeup during the summer is just asking for disaster. When it comes to your makeup keep your makeup cool, meaning stick to cool colors for your lips, blush and eyes. This will make your face a lot livelier and less sunburnt looking. When it comes to your product, avoid piling on multiple coatings. The summer heat, no matter how strong your setting spray is will either make you incredibly uncomfortable or create a gooey mess. During this hot season, bring a misting spray to help keep your makeup cool. Use light foundations or BB creams. Avoid anything that is too creamy or melts easily. Keep in mind less is more during the summer months.

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Don’t Expose Your Feet Without a Pedicure

The summer heat can be really harsh on your skin and this can also be harsh on your feet. So, the best thing for your feet to be in during this hot weather is in a sandal or something that isn’t as constricting as your normal work or school shoes. Though, a lot of us tend to forget to get a pedicure before sporting summer footwear. Not only is it unpleasing to look at, it can also make the skin around your feet, irritated and dry if exposed to too much sunlight. So, it is a good idea to get a pedicure and foot scrub before going out.

Do Put On Your Sunscreen First

You have to put on your sunscreen first before you wear your clothes. Not only do we tend to only apply sunscreen on exposed areas, we also tend to get sunscreen on our clothes. Applying it when your naked prevents you from missing any important areas. This is also an important step, make sure that the sunscreen is completely dry before you even put on your clothes. This guarantees that the sunscreen is absorbed by the skin and not wipes off by your clothes.

Don’t Leave Your Hair to The Elements

Hair is incredibly prone to damage and dryness during the summer. Not only is it exposed to heat, humidity and dirt – it is also exposed to excessive sweat. These elements combined together can give you frizzy and dry hair. Also, heat can cause hair color to fade a lot faster than normal. Prevent this by wearing head protection on your hair when planning to go out. Make sure to shampoo and condition your hair after you take a dip in the pool or beach. Wear hat or tie your hair to reduce exposure.

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Do Carry a Water Bottle

This is such a vital tip for the summer. Not only will it be beneficial to your health, it is also beneficial to your hair, skin and makeup. When you are dehydrated — So is your skin and hair making you more prone to breakouts, dry hair, damage and patchy makeup. Carry a water bottle and practice drinking every hour to prevent dehydration. Set a timer for the first week to make it a habit. Drink more water if you are prone to excessive sweating during the summer.

These don’t seem like big changes to your routine, but you’ll be thankful to see that your hair, skin and beauty routine isn’t as a hassle than it was before. Remember, to stick to light makeups during the summer. Never ever go out without your sunscreen and make sure to reapply every 4 to 6 hours or more when you are spending a lot of time outdoors. Keep safe and have a great summer.

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