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Make Rebonded Hair Last Longer with These Hair Care Tips

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Having unruly hair can be burdensome especially when it comes to looking good. As much as you would like to tie your hair all the time to tame your hair, the hair tie can cause damage to the hair strands making them brittle. Most have their hair rebonded to make them straight but this can wear off in a few months’ time. If you want to avoid spending a lot just to maintain your straight hair, these hair care tips will help make your rebounded hair last longer.

Avoid washing your hair. A lot of people make the mistake of washing their hair a day after they got a rebond. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why their straight hair doesn’t last long because the chemicals weren’t able to seep thoroughly into the roots of the hair. Hair experts recommend that you should forego washing your hair for three days to give the chemicals the chance to do their job.

Use the right treatment. Right from the start, your hair dresser should know what chemicals to use to rebond your hair. This is why you will need to choose a hair salon with certified stylists to ensure that your hair won’t get damaged during the hair straightening process. When using conditioner after three days, make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly to ensure that there is no residue left as this may cause itching.

Skip using heating tools. When you had your hair rebonded, you will need to forget your heating tools for a while, including your blow dry. If you want to dry your hair quickly, go for a cooling tool instead such as a fan or air conditioning which is better for your hair.

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Wear protective gear. Rebonded hair can last longer if you choose to care for it properly such as wearing protective gear when stepping out of your house. Wearing a hat or bringing an umbrella with you can protect your hair against the sun and rain. Too much exposure to these elements can make your hair look dull and damaged.

Use hair masks. Your hair will need extra nourishment after being subjected to the chemicals for rebonding your hair. A good way to treat your hair is to get a hair mask where your hair gets pampered with moisture and nourishment to prevent breakage. You might get a lot of savings if you book in advanced so choose your salon properly.

Leave your hair be. Now that you have rebonded your hair, the next step would be to leave it well enough alone for six months at least. Avoid coloring your hair, adding highlights, and even adding streaks. Keep in mind that your hair has been subjected to quite a lot of chemicals already and cannot stand more. If you do, you are putting yourself at risk of hair loss and hair damage as well.

Hair serum can help. Another trick to making your rebonded hair last longer is to use hair serum on the strands. The serum acts as a protective barrier for your hair against various environmental factors to prevent them from getting damaged during your time outdoors.

Skip shampooing every day. For those whose hair is not really that greasy, you might want to skip shampooing your hair every day. Instead, alternate your days of using shampoo to maintain your rebond longer.

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Keeping your hair straight and long for months is possible if you follow the hair care tips mentioned above. As long as you know how to treat your hair right, it will take several months before you go back for another rebond session.

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