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Yeast Infection During Pregnancy? Here are Some Home Remedies for It

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Hormonal changes are the culprits behind some of the strangest things that can happen to a woman’s body while she’s in the family way. One of those is yeast infection. If you are pregnant and you believe that you have yeast infection, don’t stop reading. Below are some effective home remedies for yeast infection during pregnancy.

Before you proceed, do take note that the tips below are not meant to replace medical advice that you can get from a professional. So if you’re in doubt, consult your obstetrician.

Steer Clear of Anything Sugary

One of the smartest steps that you can take during a bout of yeast infection while there’s a bun in the oven is considerably limiting your intake of foods and beverages that contain lots and lots of sugar. Yeast, the one responsible for such embarrassing problem down there, loves to feast on sugar.

By making sure that you reduce your consumption of sugary stuff, you are starving yeast. Not pleasing your sweet tooth for a while can make the problem go away faster.

Add Some Fermented Foods to the Diet

While keeping yeast from being supplied with sugar, it’s a good idea for you to load up on fermented foods. All of them are excellent sources of good bacteria — they are considered beneficial microorganisms because they kill off bad microorganisms, and the ones behind your yeast infection are included.

Some of the best sources of those good bacteria include kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, kefir and kombucha. If you do not like the taste of those, fret not because there are lots of good bacteria present in plain yogurt, too.

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Squirt a Little Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent killer of yeast, and that’s why rinsing your vagina with it after using the toilet allows you to attain relief from yeast infection so much better.

Grab a small peri bottle and then put 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in it. Top it off with distilled water. After wiping with tissue paper, give the bottle a quick shake and squirt a little of the solution on the outside of your vagina. Allow to air dry for best results. Use this every single time that you hit the toilet to pee.

Put on Panties That are Out of Cotton

Speaking of air drying, consider ditching those fancy panties that are out of synthetic fabrics. Switch to those that are out of cotton in order to allow your vagina to breathe.

Yeast loves to thrive in warm and moist places, and that’s why putting on panties made from a breathable fabric can help keep the problem from worsening. And by the way, try to avoid the use of panty liners. Experts say that you are at higher risk of having a yeast infection during pregnancy if you use them every day.

Insert a Clove of Garlic at Bedtime

Garlic is a phenomenal remedy for all sorts of infections, and that’s why you can count on it to put an end to that pesky yeast infection that is making being in the family way a problematic phase in your life.

All you have to do is peel a fresh clove of garlic and insert it in your vagina. This is best done upon hopping into bed to make sure that garlic is provided with plenty of time to deal with the infection. Remove garlic clove in the morning. Taking garlic oil capsules can also work, but make sure that you ask your obstetrician about it first.

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