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Get to Know the Most Common Types of Wrinkles on Your Face

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Although all wrinkles can make you look older, they’re not the same — so much so that each one of those that can appear on your face comes with a name of its own. In this article, you will learn about the most common types of facial wrinkles. Knowing the enemy can make it easier for you to win the battle.

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Worry Lines

There are lots of facial expressions in which we raise our eyebrows. This is the reason why the forehead is prone to developing lines that run across it. Those are called worry lines. Unfortunately, experts say that worry lines can be passed from parent to offspring. So if your parents have very defined worry lines, you may have them in the future, too.

It’s just not your habitual facial expressions and genes that can be blamed for worry lines. You can also put the blame of high levels of stress, too much sun exposure, dehydration and also sleeping position.

Glabellar Lines

Also sometimes referred to as frown lines, glabellar lines are short vertical wrinkles that appear right in between your eyebrows and kind of extend to your forehead. Needless to say, glabellar lines form due to repeated furrowing of your eyebrows, which you tend to do each time you are feeling irritated or angry, or when being in deep thought.

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With the passing of the years, existing collagen gets destroyed at a much faster rate and collagen production wanes off. Such can cause those glabellar lines to become deeper and deeper until such time they’re around constantly.

Under Eye Wrinkles

Experts say that the thinnest skin you have can be found around the eyes. This is exactly the reason why the area around your peepers is something that tends to wrinkle so much faster than skin elsewhere on your face. Lines that form right under your eyes are referred to as under eye wrinkles.

The problem with under eye wrinkles is they are usually accompanied by skin darkening and puffiness. Definitely, they can make your eyes pop although in an entirely non-flattering manner.

Crow’s Feet

Perhaps some of the most popular wrinkles that can appear on the face are crow’s feet. According to experts, they usually show up in your late 20s although they’re not that noticeable yet. In time, you can expect them to become more defined, more often than not catching you by surprise.

It’s when you squint, smile and laugh when crow’s feet tend to be more noticeable. But when the lines that make them up are already deep, it’s not unlikely for crow’s feet to be present on your face all the time.

Laugh Lines

Also sometimes known as nasolabial folds or smile lines, your laugh lines are those skin folds that run from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth. It can be hard to evade those laugh lines. That’s because it’s not just the process of aging that can be blamed for it, but also thinning skin as well as accumulation of fat in the cheek area.

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In the beginning, laugh lines tend to appear only whenever you are smiling, laughing, talking or eating. Time will come when laugh lines become permanent features on the face.

Marionette Lines

Do you have vertical lines that run from the sides of your lips down to your chin? Those are referred to as marionette lines, whose name is obviously derived from those lines on the sides of the mouths of marionettes that enable them to “talk”. Experts say that smokers are at higher risk of developing marionette lines.

What makes marionette lines simply unacceptable to many is the fact that their presence can make a person look unhappy or scornful even though he or she is in a completely nice mood.


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