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Pros and Cons of Coffee in your Diet

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Are you an avid fan of coffee? If you love drinking coffee, then it would be possible to assume that you didn’t know that there are a couple of good and bad health benefits that can be accompanied with a hot cup of Joe.

For a coffee drinker, coffee is a sort of fuel that is used to give you that morning rush that you need to start your day. For some people, they can become quite cranky if they can’t get their daily dose of caffeine, some even become so moody that it becomes scary. The main point being, that coffee has been a part of people’s rituals and without the perfect amount, you can end up lazy and sloppy at work.

As mentioned above, not a lot people know that coffee actually has some good benefits and some bad health risks. In case you did not know of these, here are some of the pros and cons that coffee can give to a coffee drinker:



  • Coffee can help you lose weight – Drinking coffee can actually help you lose weight quickly. A normal cup of Joe contains potassium and magnesium, which helps produce insulin. In case you didn’t know, insulin is responsible for helping the body regulate blood sugar levels, and the best thing about it is, if you are craving for some chocolate or a sugary treat, coffee will help you stick to your diet. Take note that this can only be applicable if you drink black coffee. Coffee with too much sugar is not counted.
  • Coffee protects the body – if you are a health geek, you will be excited to know that coffee can actually protect your body. Because it contains antioxidants, it can help protect you from foreign invaders that want to feast on your immune system. So, if you are feeling a little under the weather, you can always sip on a nice hot cup of coffee, to help you battle those little foreign bodies from gorging on your body.
  • Coffee helps you burn stored fat – if you are a little on the large side, you can use coffee to help you burn the excess fat in your body. Coffee helps the body break down fat cells and body fat, which means that you can lose more weight that you can ever imagine while you are at the gym.
  • Coffee helps keep you focused on your work – this is the primary reason why most people like to drink coffee in the morning because it keeps them focused throughout the day. If you take the normal dosage of 1 -6 cups a day, it can help you improve your mental alertness which will help you stay focused on your daily tasks and errands for the day.
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  • Coffee can cause changes in sleep – if taken too much, coffee can cause severe to moderate insomnia if you take it too close to bedtime. For you not to experience this, it is better to take a cup of coffee in the morning or in the afternoon after lunch, so that you do not experience these changes in sleeping patterns.
  • Coffee can kill you – Too much of this stuff can kill you. If you drink more than 80 – 100 cups in a short span of time, coffee can be very lethal. That is a total of 23 liters of caffeine in your body. However, before you reach this point, you would have already puked everything out, since drinking 23 liters of liquid is a lot to ingest for a normal human. Even drinking this much water is enough to kill you quickly. Always make sure that you drink the recommended dosage, which is 1 – 6 cups a day. Do not overdo it.
  • Bad quality coffee can be toxic to your body – if you are going to drink coffee, make sure that you get a coffee that has good quality. If you get something that is not natural or made badly, it can cause a lot of impurities in your body, which can be hazardous to your health. Always make sure that you take the right kind.


In conclusion, coffee has a lot of good benefits that it can offer to the body, but you also have to remember that it can also cause some serious health conditions as well. It is important to make sure that you drink the right amount of coffee in a day to ensure that you do not encounter any bad health conditions.

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