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The Nutrient-Filled Goodness of Peanut Butter

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Growing up, we all enjoyed peanut butter jelly sandwiches. Actually even most of us as adults still do. Peanut butter has been an essential part of breakfast meals and snacks. While, some people cannot take peanut butter due to allergic reasons, others do not realize its general value from a health perspective.

Peanut butter does not only serve as spread for your favorite sandwich. It has a long list of health benefits that we knew nothing off. Peanut butter is a great source of protein; this is why whenever you have a peanut butter jelly sandwich you feel full for quite a long time. Peanut butter is also a source for unsaturated fats and vegetarian protein. Both of which helps cut down on bad cholesterol.

While having a peanut butter sandwich one would not realize that it has more to it than just satisfying your hunger. Let’s take a look at a few of the health benefits of peanut butter.

Common health benefits of peanut butter

– It might sound absurd because peanut butter is quite sweet, but it helps you lose weight. The combination of fiber and protein makes you full for longer. This makes you not have follow up meals. Hence curbing the idea of gaining weight. This makes a peanut butter sandwich a great choice for a meal for those who partake in diets.

– Peanut butter is heart friendly, due to it being unsaturated. If consumed moderately it can help you improve your heart. Partially also because it is part of the nuts family. Those who eat peanuts on a weekly basis have a lower chance of contacting any heart disease.

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– There is high calorie density in peanut butter due to its healthy fats and protein. This makes it a perfect source for energy. If you happen to have a peanut butter sandwich and find out that you feel pumped up, this might be a possible reason for that.

– Niacin which can be found in peanut butter is known to help with Alzheimer’s disease. A tablespoon of peanut butter contains about 2mgs of niacin.

– If you happen to suffer from stomach cancer, peanut butter is known to have coumaric acid. This helps prevent and treat stomach cancer. So, not only are you filling up your stomach, you’re also protecting it from future damage.

Regardless of how many health benefits peanut butter may contain; it is not advisable to congest it on a daily basis. However, you should include it in your daily diet. We all know too much of anything isn’t good for you. If you have a certain amount of peanut butter on a weekly basis, research has shown that it’ll be very beneficial for you.

Most peanut butter consumers do not really know how the process of making it is done. If you had to go from the top of your head, you could come up with an explanation that includes peanuts and butter. Well, not quite, but you could be very close to the answer. Peanut butter is naturally made from peanuts. These nuts are gathered and taking to a factory where they are roasted and peeled properly. After this process they’d go thorough cleaning process. Then they would then be grinded and mixed with salt, oil and sweeteners.

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If you’re looking into the production of peanut butter, the question pertaining to the kind of peanut used would arise. So, what kind of peanuts are used to create this delicious spread.

– Spanish peanuts, these are usually very easy to identify. They have a brownish skin on the surface. This is one of the choices for peanut butter simply because of its high oil extract. As we know, the oil in the peanuts is needed to keep the whole composition together.

– Runner peanuts, these are the peanuts we consume on the regular basis. They usually thrive in warmer climates and have proved to be an excellent source to create peanut butter.

– Virginia peanuts, these peanuts are served with your cocktails. They work perfect as sides for your drinking session. They also serve as a perfect origin for peanut butter. Their size is usually what makes them the perfect candidate for shell roasting.

Besides using it as a spread, peanut butter can be used for other purposes. If you happen to want to shave and be out of shaving cream, no need to worry. A thin layer of peanut butter can also be used as shaving cream. You can also use it to clean your leather couch giving it that squeaky clean look. The natural oils and butter will clean out the leather. Getting gum of anything is generally hard, whether it is hair or anything else. However, regardless of the surface, apply a bit of peanut butter on it and let it is, after a few minutes it’ll slip right out.

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