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Your 5 Make-Up Product Must-Haves

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Did you know that your beauty finds can totally transform how you look? As it turns out, those primers, highlighters, brow fillers that the salesperson is asking you to actually try does more than you can possibly imagine. They can improve your look so much so that those items deserve a spot in your make-up drawer or cosmetics bag—right next to your trusty foundation, mascara, and lipstick. Curious? Here’s a list of some of the most underrated beauty products that you didn’t even know you needed, much less wanted.

1. Highlighters

Just because summer’s gone doesn’t mean that your glow should go too. You can cheat a little bit and create your own glow by using a product that contains light-reflecting particles which can enhance and illuminate your best features. Highlighters bronzers and illuminators are created to emphasize the areas of your face that the sun naturally spotlights. Yes, you can even apply these products on your T-zone to keep the focus on your face, but that’s not the end of it because you can apply these products to other areas of your face to provide you with that radiant glow that all women are gunning for. The areas where you can use your highlighters—the forehead, eyebrows, your inner eyes, cheekbones, the nose, the cupid’s bow and your chin.

2. Face primers

If you haven’t been using any make up primers, then you are sorely missing out. Whether you are wearing a full face-on makeup or just prefer to keep it nice and simple with just a BB cream and lip tint, a makeup primer is going to be your best ally in battling shine or for creating a smooth base for your makeup foundation. However, a lot of women still skip this step because they either don’t know why they need it or are unsure of how to use it making it an unworthy makeup investment. Little do they know that primers used under makeup can make everything last a bit longer.

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3. Invisible lip liners

Yes, if only all of us can have lips like Angelina Jolie’s, then life would be so much simpler and better. But then again, most women don’t have that kind of puckers, so the best solution to achieving those plump, kissable lips—invisible lip liners! Lip liners add instant fullness to your lips and can make your lipstick to actually “stick” a bit longer. And for those girls who can’t quite fathom how to choose the best color for their skin types, the new, wax-based lip liners have made it a bit easier for women to create an invisible border that can define the lips. The bonus? Since it is colorless, it gives a guarantee that the lines won’t look “drawn” giving it a more natural look. Just trace the pencil outside your lips then follow up with your fave lipstick shade.

4. Brow fillers

A lot of women are afraid of filling their brows because they fear that it would not look natural on them. However, the fear of using bad pencils can now be placed to rest, thanks to the existence of colored brow gels and markers—the newest, easiest and most natural way of filling in brows.

Brow markers are great for targeting small gaps in your brows. Just remember to run clear mascara through your brows after your application to ensure that all excess pigments are removed. Brow markers also come in gel form and look like mascara as well—one swift brush along your brows and you’re good to go.

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5. Eye-brightening concealers

Brightening concealers are best in removing or masking dark under-eye circles, thanks to its light-reflective particle-contents. Applying this each time you do your make-up can instantly revive and bring life to your peepers. To use, just swipe the applicator under your eyes, starting from the tear ducts to the outer corner. Then blend gently using your ring finger. These concealers also come in very lightweight formulation making them a good crease-free eye shadow as well.

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