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Why You’re Getting Blackheads

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One of our biggest bad habits, more likely when looking in front of our mirror is looking for any imperfection. When there is no pimple in sight or freckles to obsess over, we tend to look a lot harder; like a magnifying glass.Blackheads can never escape your field of vision, especially when it is placed on your face. However, blackheads can appear in different parts of the body, such as the legs, back and arm. Anywhere that you have pores in can have blackheads.

People tend to acquire blackheads during their teenage years due to the changes in their body and increase amount of sebum on the skin. It can lessen once we grow older. Though, there are some cases that even adults experience it in different parts of their body in large quantity.

Blackheads tend to form when the pores or hair follicle becomes clogged due to hormonal changes, ingrown hair, dirt, sebum, hair products, skin products and so on. Our blackheads tend to lessen as we grow older since our pores or hair follicle become less susceptible to these causes. However, the worse cases of blackheads appear in adults. Leaving the blackhead untreated can cause severe clogs that can lead to infection, large pores and even scarring.

Things to Never Do to Your Blackheads

We know how tempting it is to push, pick or scrub the unsightly blackheads away, but this can make the problem a lot worse. Experts have said that removing your blackheads forcefully using scrubs and utensils can damage the skin and make it more likely to develop more blackheads in the future. It is best to keep your hands away from it and avoid scratching or picking at it at all causes. So, what do you need to do to remove blackheads the right way? Read on below.

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Facial Cleansers

The first thing you have to do is to pick the right facial cleanser for your skin. There are certain facial cleansers that do not go deep beyond the pore and any that can successfully remove clogs. When looking for the right facial wash, look for ones that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These ingredients can help remove dirt deep down into the pore. You can use this facial wash twice a day to prevent plugging. The key to reducing and removing blackhead is to tackle them head-on, before they even appear on the surface. Make sure that your pores are clean and clog free. If your blackheads are incredibly resistant, you can try going to a dermatologist and inquire in a deep cleansing treatment that won’t leave unsightly bumps or ask for a prescription retinoid.


If you can’t help picking and scrubbing your face, why not try peeling it instead? It gives the same satisfaction as seeing your blackheads without damage to the skin. Look at different blackhead strips and peels in stores and look for ones that would best suit your skin type. Though, this is not a permanent solution to a problem. It can help unclog the pores and clear it, but it cannot prevent it from coming back. That would be entirely up to your skin care routine. Remember that peels cannot remove all of the clogs, don’t expect perfection. Just do it diligently to help the skin. Never do peels twice or more a day, this can irritate the skin and just waste product. Perform peels at least thrice a week if you really suffer from severe blackheads.

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Removing Products

There are certain ingredients in your skin care product that can seep in through your pore and stay there, even with frequent facial cleansing. These products tend to feel heavy on the skin and should be avoided if prone to black heads. These products were mostly designed for skin that are resistant. Even products in your hair can seep through your back and face. So, keep that in mind too. If you notice a certain increase in blackheads after using a product, then replace it with something lighter.

Blackheads can be hereditary. It can be caused by overproduction of sebum or living in a polluted area. The best way to fight blackheads is to know where and how you are getting them. Analyze your skin and see if the weather, new product, bad habits, diet and so on is affecting them. If you really want to remove it immediately seek professional help. They can give you the right medication or treatment. If you ever acquire a blackhead that has become inflamed and hard, do not try to pop it at home and seek professional help.

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