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Quick Hairstyles for Your Active Lifestyle

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Our hair is our crowning glory but as much as we would like to keep it loose and flowing, it can pose a problem especially when you need to rush to school or work. You’re probably thinking of cutting your hair short so it won’t get in the way but there are other alternatives to chopping off your locks. It’s just a matter of finding a hairstyle that you can do in a flash.

If you are feeling frustrated with your hair at the moment, you might want to try out these quick and easy hairstyles so you will still look your best even when you’re in a rush.

  • Braided Tuck. If your hair is shoulder to long, the braided tuck is the perfect solution for you. Simply part your hair in the middle then tie one side with a clip as you French braid the other side. Secure the end with a rubber band then work on the other side. As soon as you are done, take one end of the braid then tuck on the base of the opposite braid. Pin to secure. Repeat the step with the other braid.
  • Twistback Flip Under. Here’s another quick hairstyle that you can your daughter can do at the same time. Part your hair into two then tie one side with a clip. Twist the loose hair then secure with a clip. Repeat the step with the other end then tie both ends together. Flip the extra hair over and under the base of the twisted knot and you’re done. It’s simple and elegant to look at too.
  • Sleek High Ponytail. This one is a no-brainer and will give you that classic look in no time. Simply use a fine toothed comb to brush your hair up to a high pony tail. Tie it with a band and secure any loose hair using your comb around the rubber band. You can use a hair pin to keep them from falling down or use hair spray.
  • Pigtails without a part. Your mom probably tied your hair into a pigtail when you were a kid so why not use it today? You don’t even have to part it like your mom did right in the middle but do your own style as long as you secure the two halves with a rubber band. It’s neat and you don’t have to worry about your hair getting to your face when bending over.
  • Half Up/Half Down. This hairstyle is quite the trend during the summer as it is relatively quick to do. Section one third of your top hair and let some hair fall beside your ears. Secure the top hair with a band. On the last twist of your rubber band, pull the pony tail through partially only. Use a small chunk to wrap around the band then use a pin to hide it in the rubber band. You can twist the remaining hair to the side if you like.
  • Two Braids Braided with Another Braid. As the name suggests, you will be tying a portion of your hair into two braids. To do this, part the upper portion of your hair into two then tie each one in a braid with each end secured with a rubber band. Gather the remaining hair and the braids and make another braid. Tie with a rubber band at the end and you’re done.
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These are just a few examples of quick hairstyles that you can wear if you’re in a rush. They’re relatively simple and you’ll look great too.

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