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Common Causes of Mood Swings

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Just like what the name says, mood swings are characterized by dramatic changes in your mood. Although this is nothing that can put your life in danger, it’s something that can wreak havoc to your image and relationships.

Especially if your mood swings are already keeping you as well as everybody around your from having an enjoyable existence, it’s a good idea to find out the root cause so that you may be able to do what it takes to put the problem to an end. This article will discuss some of the most common causes of mood swings, so don’t stop reading now.

If you have some family members and friends who are exhibiting mood swings, too, make sure that you repost this article later on so that they may also know that the rapid shift from one mood to the other that they are experiencing could be due to any of the following:


Believe it or not, failure to drink sufficient amounts of water can cause you to have mood swings. More often than not, it’s something that can leave you showcasing all kinds of negative moods such as anger, irritability and depression.

Experts do not know the exact reason why dehydration can cause mood swings. Some of them believe that it could be blamed on decreased flow of blood to the brain, while others think that dehydration could cause parts of the brain responsible for mood regulation to act up.


It’s no secret that caffeine found abundantly in coffee can stimulate the nervous system and force the production of certain brain chemicals. While there’s caffeine present in the blood the person may feel elated and excited, but the moment that the amount of caffeine falters the individual may wind up down.

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There’s another reason why coffee can cause mood swings, and that’s the fact that it has diuretic properties, which means that it can cause dehydration — above, it was mentioned that dehydration can trigger mood swings.

Sugary Foods

Are you fond of pleasing your taste buds constantly? Then don’t be surprised if it seems like your mood shifts faster than you could reach for another donut. According to experts, the rise and fall in the levels of sugar in the bloodstream could cause your mood to change dramatically.

By the way, a diet that’s high in sugar can cause inflammation within, and this is something that can trigger hormonal imbalance — the mood can be affected if the levels of hormones in the body are out of whack.

Hormonal Imbalance

The problem with hormonal imbalance is that it can cause not only all sorts of physical symptoms but also psychological ones including mood swings. That’s why anything that can cause hormonal imbalance such as menopause and PMS can cause severe mood swings.

Just because you’re not a woman doesn’t mean that your mood swings cannot be blamed on hormonal imbalance. According to scientists, the levels of testosterone in your body begins to wane at 30 years of age, and this can cause hormonal imbalance although it’s not as pronounced as what menopausal women experience.


If your everyday life is very stressful, then don’t be surprised if it seems like everybody is trying to stay away from you — being stressed all the time can in fact affect your mood, causing it to shift from one after the other.

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Lack of sleep can leave your body in a great deal of stress, and that’s why being sleep deprived can also trigger mood swings. Especially at the end of a tiring day, engage in stress-relieving activities in order to lower your stress levels and also encourage a good night’s sleep.

It’s a good idea for you to pay your doctor a visit if it’s apparent that you are encountering mood swings all the time and it’s already wreaking havoc on your life and that of everybody else surrounding you.

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