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Remedies for Oral Thrush

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Oral thrush occurs when there is an overproduction of yeast fungus called the Candida Albicans. This type of fungus creates small and creamy white spots or lesions on the areas around the cheek, mouth, roof of the mouth and tongue. These spots can cause pain in some people and can bleed with little abrasion such as scratching or eating anything hard. This fungus is common in the mouth, but is controlled by the healthy bacteria in the mouth.

There are a lot of causes for oral thrush such as excessive use of antibiotics, low immune system. There are medications you can use to remove this infection, but most people
would opt for natural remedies instead. Below are some of the best natural remedies for oral thrust in children and adults.


Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live and protect your body from bad bacteria. You can acquire this from food or supplements. Candida fungus cannot be killed by probiotics,
but it can help increase the body’s ability to fight off the yeast and increase defense mechanism controlling the fungus. This will help reduce the growth of the fungus and prevent it from spreading into widespread areas. Yogurt contains high amount of probiotic making it the perfect snack when suffering from oral thrush. Taking it cold can also reduce the pain caused by the fungus. Yogurt contains a lot of healthy bacteria, making it great for removing bacteria and improve digestion. It’s best to consume unsweetened plain yogurt to treat the fungus, since anything that contain sugar or artificial sweeteners can reduce the effectiveness of the probiotic and cause the fungus to spread. Supplements that are Acidophilus are also known for its probiotic contents. You can find this type of supplements in capsule form that you can take twice or thrice a day, until the infection completely heals.

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Oral Rinses

Probiotics can help reduce and kill of the fungus causing oral thrust by helping the body produce hydrogen peroxide, terminating the yeast. You can help your body by creating your own hydrogen peroxide oral rinse. Create this rinse by mixing a cup of water and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and gargle it for a few minutes. Avoid swallowing any of it. Another oral rinse you can try is apple cider vinegar and water. This rinse can help treat the Candida albicans and increase the natural enzymes of the body to help keep the yeast controlled. The apple cider rinse can also help with the body’s pH level. When the body’s pH level is unbalanced, the disease is more likely to spread out. For treating oral
thrush, it’s best to opt for raw apple cider vinegar since it contains more bacteria fighting nutrients. You can use apple cider vinegar as it is and swish it around your mouth or di
lute it with water. You should intake at least one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to help treat your infection and stopped when it completely heals. This remedy may have a strong smell and taste making it hard for young children to intake. You can help them out by warming up the water and adding a little honey to diluted apple cider mixture.

Herbal Supplements

There are a lot of herbal supplement that contains anti-fungal properties that can help treat oral thrush. However, using herbal supplements can be dangerous when taken without proper consultation. Wrong preparation and dosage can cause irritation, allergies and even poison. If you really want to intake herbal supplements, consult a professional about the proper way to prepare the supplement or remedy and what safe dosage is. A famous herbal remedy for oral thrush is Pau d’arco bark. This can be made into a quick tea or rinse. Another natural remedy dilutes tea tree oil. Just mix in a few drops of the oil in water and use it to gargle for a minute. Repeat this process two to three times a day.

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Good Oral Hygiene

It’s important to maintain oral hygiene during the healing process of oral thrush. This will help improve the healing process. Avoid brushing aggressively to avoid bleeding. Once the infection completely heals, discard your toothbrush.

Reduce the chances of getting Candida infections by rinsing your mouth regularly. If you are someone that is required to use a corticosteroid inhaler, this makes you more prone to the fungus. Make sure to rinse your mouth or brush your tongue and cheek after taking your medication. Floss every day and brush your teeth once in the morning and at night. If you use dentures make sure to clean them properly and place them in a sterile container when not in use. Maintain regular checkup with your dentist, especially if you have diabetes. Avoid foods that are high in sugar and yeast. Lastly, keep your blood sugar levels balanced to stop the growth of the fungus anywhere in the body.

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