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Eyeshadow Tricks for Beginners

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One of the first things we experiment on when we start liking makeup is eye shadow. It’s colorful, comes in different shades and texture and easy to put on. You can create a different look with each shade and can give your eyes that pop. Knowing when too much eyeshadow is too much is a bit difficult. We would try out different eyeshadow at one go that we end up looking like a hot mess. Now, there are so many tutorials online that teach you how to apply eyeshadow that we can reduce the experimental phase in liking make up. Well, as you may know eye shadow is easy to put on, but hard to get perfect. We can either blend it too much, not blend it enough, use the wrong combination, make it appear to messy and so on. Thankfully, we have experts on our sides. We’ve asked them their best eyeshadow trick and tips they have for beginner makeup lovers and here they are!

Learn About Different Brushes

Brushes in itself deserve a whole different category. There can be brushes for your eyes, lips, brows, face, powder, liquid and so on. There are so many brushes that simply using one of your eyes is absurd. If you delve deep into makeup brushes, you’ll find out that eye makeup alone can have 12 different types of brushes. If you are a beginner, you won’t need all of these things. There are mainly three important types of eye shadow brushes you will need through your whole beginner journey. The flat and full eyeshadow brush that you will use to apply eyeshadow on your whole lid or large portions of your eyelids. The thin eye shadow brush designed for your crease, near your eye line and creating define lines. Lastly, you will need the blending brush. This is the brush that will help you put the whole look together. These are the first eyeshadow brush that you will need to create different looks. When you master these items, try out an angle, smudge and flat brush next.

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Get It Together

Before applying anything on your eyelids, make sure to know which order they should be and how you want it to appear. Never go head first when it comes to eye makeup, unless you plan to redo it over and over again. You have to have a game plan. Know which area of your eyelids you want which color to be in and what color you want to be the base. This will help you blend the colors properly. This will also prevent you from using too much product. Remember that the darkest color always comes last. Not only will it ruin your brush if you place it first, it will also prevent you from getting a fine transition. Keep in mind light shades are first, medium shades in the middle and darkest area in the outer corner and applied last.

Not as Pigmented

So, the eyeshadow you bought doesn’t look as vibrant as it did in the picture? You don’t have to try it away or buy a new one. Try adding more pigment to it by using a damp brush. Applying the eyeshadow with a damp brush can give it a thicker and longer lasting effect when its dry. You can also apply a white primer, eyeliner or cream eyeshadow on your eyelids to make it appear a lot more vibrant.

Tricks to Make Your Eyes Bigger or Smaller

Applying eyeshadow can help change the shape of your eyes using illusions. You can alter the shape by dividing your eyes in three sections. The outer corner, middle and inner corner. Leaving the inner corner with the lightest shade and continue this color until two thirds of the middle and start going darker. Add a cat eye style triangle in the outer corner towards your crease and blend. The lighter shades, push the inner corner of your eyes out by creating the effects of light making it appear bigger. The cat eye makes the length of the eye appear longer. You can do the opposite if you want to make your eyes appear smaller.

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Understanding Color

One of the first thing that can help you with learning makeup, particularly eyeshadow are colors. Know the different colors that work for certain skin types, what color looks best when blended together and what colors neutralize one another.

Eyeshadows can come in different shades, finish and texture. Each one has its purpose. You don’t have to buy all of them. Think of a specific look you want and purchase ones that have that shade. If you want to experiment when using makeup, try to look for cheap pallets and use that to try different looks. We hope that these tips will be able to help you on your road to becoming a makeup expert and beauty guru. Try these tips out and see how much of a difference it can make. Do you have your own eye shadow trick? Share it here!

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