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Exercise to Address Obesity

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A big misconception that people think about obese people is that they are just lazy. That simply putting the fork down and exercising will help them lose weight. Technically, it is true. For any weight range. However, when you are obese, it is a lot harder. Thin people struggle with working out because they lack the muscle to lift weights and have the ability to increase body mass. If you think this is difficult, consider this the other way around. Obese people carry around huge amounts of weight every day. When they walk or even do chores they carry around this huge burden of weight. This weight can put a lot of pressure on the joints, heart and lungs. The excess weight also causes them to burn more calories, but also have the need to consume more. So, eating the regular portioned meal is not really enough. Simply saying that you need to eat less and exercise more is a lot more difficult than it seems.

Another disadvantage to losing weight when you are obese is your body’s ability to exercise. Endurance is a lot lower and the joints are not able to handle a lot of pressure. If they are not able to control their workout, there is a huge risk of injury. Exercising when you have excess weight of about 50 or so pounds is hard. Going to the gym or working outside can affect your self-esteem and prolonged workout can be dangerous. It’s really difficult to find the right type of exercise and work regime. So, what is the right direction when it comes to exercising for obesity? We’ve compiled the best and safest types of exercise to handle obesity.

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Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes, elliptical and treadmills are great cardio exercises for obesity. When starting off, opt for the stationary bike. This is the best machine you can use when you are first starting your weight loss journey. Using the bike for about 20 to 30 minutes can help boost your heart rate without adding too much pressure on your joints. You don’t have to be fast when you’re starting, you can go at the pace you are comfortable with. A great tip is to find music that has the same beat as the pace you want to go. This will make you last longer on the bike. If you don’t have any type of machine at home, you can start off by walking around the house for20 minutes. The more frequent you do this the easier it will be. In a month’s time you’ll be able to go faster or even jog outside. Never try to over exert yourself.


People who are obese tend to lose a lot of their flexibility due to the limited movement in our body. This cause our muscles to weaken, making us more prone to injuries. Before going on a full workout rampage. We need to strengthen our muscles again, without causing too much strain to it. The best way to do that is to start stretching at least 30 minutes every day. This will help improve movement, reduce injury and increase endurance. You don’t have to stretch like a gymnast. Simply trying to touch your toes, twisting your body from side to side and basic stretches. Remember to stretch from head to toe.

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Swimming is the best exercise for obesity. It does not place a lot of pressure on the joints, but burn a whole lot of calories. Doing basic aerobics exercises in the pool can help improve endurance and muscle tone. Walking back in fourth the pool is enough when you’re first starting your exercise regime.

Basic Calisthenics

Using basic calisthenics such as leg lifts, arm rotation and scissors splits are great for losing fat and toning muscle. These basic movements don’t have to be exaggerated. Simple movements are enough and can do wonders for your health. We recommend doing calisthenics every other day for 20 minutes. The next month adds more to your workout and make it 40 minutes.

Losing weight when you are obese is different when you are losing weight when you are slightly overweight. You have to be a bit more creative with your exercise and have a stronger drive to work out. Most of the exercise regime in the market are not designed for obese people and can often cause you the yo-yo effect. The key to losing weight when it comes to obesity is to find an exercise that is comfortable for you. One that you will enjoy and maintain in the long run. Though, before starting any type of exercise consult your doctor. Certain health condition and medication can hinder your workout. 

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