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Fix Any Manicure Mistake With These Tricks

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We all experienced having chipped polish, smudged nails and other manicure problems. These are sometimes unavoidable and comes with getting a pedicure or manicure.

But worry no more, because there are solutions for your manicure mistakes. Let’s find out some of these tips and tricks below.

1. Peeling Polish

You nail polish may come off in one piece. The only option to remedy this is to re-paint your nails.

Prevent your manicures from peeling by preventing it from happening in the first place. Wear gloves when you’re exposing your nails to harsh chemicals to protect your polish.

2. Chipped Polish

You can fix a chipped polish by following these tips:

– Hide the chipped polish by adding a basic nail design to the chipped area. Try a diagonal line or a French line or you can use a piece of sponge and create sponge nail art.
– If the nicked area is large, take your color, and lightly dab into the chip. This will amplify the appearance of the chip.
– Fix chipping nails at the tips by buffering and smoothing out the chipped area. Next add a base coat, then another coat of color and a thin layer of topcoat. This will make your manicure last for another week.

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3. Stray Marks

After nail polish application, you can swipe cuticle oil around the cuticle. This will create a barrier on the wet polish, therefore preventing stray marks or smudges.

4. Nail Breaks

For nails that break just past the nail bed, you can make a nail Band-Aid. For the nail Band-Aid, place a small corner of paper towel or tea bag on the crack. Then add a dot of nail glue. This will act like a cast for your damaged nail.

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5. Dull Polish

When your nail polish start to dull, you can apply a fresh coat of high-shine top coat. If you’re press for time, you can swipe a cuticle oil to restore the shine and revive your manicure temporarily.

6. Layer Mistake

If you made a mistake on your nails with multiple layers, just dip a small brush into acetone and remove the unwanted layer. Do not apply too much pressure, work quickly and make sure you only remove the top layer.

7. Polish on Skin

To remove polish around the nail, you can use a thin angled eye liner brush, dip in remover. You can also use an orange wood stick by dipping it in remover without any cotton wrapped around the tip.

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