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Find Out How This Food May Help You Slim Down

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So, what is this food that is supposed to help you slim down? If you guessed vegetable, then you’re wrong. It’s not something green or leafy.

Recent studies suggested that eating dairy foods or drinking milk at least twice a day may help you to lose weight. So how do eating dairy products or milk may help you slim down?

Let’s find out how…

The researchers studied the diet of selected adults, and they found out that those who ate or drank the highest amount of dairy per day, tend to have lower BMIs or body mass indexes. Also, the study suggested that people who consumed dairy at least twice per day were 37% less likely to be overweight or obese than those who consumed it only once per month.

It was stated that milk was a major contributor affecting the size of people’s waist. Individuals who drink milk daily were less likely to be obese than non-milk dirnkers, but these applied to women only. And there is BMI benefit only if the milk contained less than 3.4% fat.

The research further suggest that calcium is the most important components of dairy for weight loss. Individuals who took at least 214 milligrams of calcium from dairy products daily, has a 17% lower risk of obesity than those who didn’t eat dairy.

This is because the calcium in dairy products reduces the increase of fat in the blood after consuming high-fat meals. The calcium from dairy products binds fatty acids making them less soluble and reduces absorption into the body. Therefore, calcium affects the absorption of fat, which helps to prevent obesity.

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So start including low-fat dairy products into your diet. This will help you stay slim.

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