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5Ps to Avoid In Your Beauty Items

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Wearing makeup has always been part of any woman’s daily routine. Yes, it does help enhance our assets or it can hide blemishes, but how well do you know what goes inside these products? Most of us pay more attention to the formula, shade, and brand of the makeup that we are going to use. The ingredients? Not so much. Unfortunately, it is the ingredients used for these beauty products that can make your skin break out in pimples and other blemishes. If you want to save your skin from harsh chemicals, there are 5Ps that you should watch out for.


The first P that you should look for in your makeup is whether it has parabens. Parabens have been found to trigger hormonal imbalance which can often lead to acne breakouts on your skin. If you notice that your skin looks inflamed at the end of the day, it might be that your skin is reacting to the parabens that are present in your makeup. Another danger that is linked to parabens is that it may cause breast cancer especially when it is used regularly. Keep in mind that the skin can absorb anything including toxic ingredients like parabens.


Petroleum or mineral oil comes from crude oil which is a common ingredient in many cosmetics, baby oil, as well as body creams. Unfortunately this ingredient can actually prevent our body from eliminating the toxins that it has absorbed which can lead to skin irritations, disruption in your endocrine system, cancer, as well as allergies. What’s worse, petroleum can also affect the environment whenever it is produced.

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What else should you check in your makeup? Well, phthalates should be avoided at all cost since it has been found to cause congenital disorders, behavioral issues, breast cancer, as well as mental development issues too. So why is this added to cosmetics? Well, phthalates can help make any product soft and flexible. You might be surprised to find that phthalates are also present in certain foods such as oils, meats, and even dairy. Exposure to this ingredient while you are pregnant can also affect your mood such as making you feel aggressive, depressed, or even lack of control or attention even. It also puts you at risk of breast cancer, obesity, eczema, and endometriosis which are all serious conditions which is why you might want to start reading the list of ingredients in your makeup.


Ever wonder why some makeup products cause your skin to feel inflamed or irritated? Well, this is because of the paraffins that are contained in your makeup. Paraffins are known to cause allergic reactions and skin irritations especially on those who have sensitive skin. If your makeup is causing you to itch, it might be because there is too much paraffin in it. Stay away from these products as much as possible so your skin won’t become inflamed.

Polyethylene glycols

Another ingredient that you should watch out for is polyethylene glycols. This is a known carcinogen which is dangerous to your health. It can also be irritating to your respiratory system when your body has absorbed too much. Constant use of products that contain this ingredient can also cause problems in your nervous system. 

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These are a few dangerous ingredients that you should avoid as much as possible because they can really harm your overall health. As much as you would like to pretty, you shouldn’t sacrifice your health or your skin too. The good news is that there are healthier cosmetics available that are made from organic materials.

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