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Reasons Why Korean Women Stay Slim

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You’ve probably noticed how Koreans look stunningly slim in spite of all the food that they’ve been eating on a daily basis. This is something that we envy about them to be honest which is why many are wondering how they are able to manage keeping their figure slim all the time. Well, it appears that the secret is in their diet. Compared to what we usually eat, you will find that their diet is far better than ours. So if you want to keep the fat off of your body for good, here are the reasons why Koreans look the way they do.

They walk

You will find that Koreans tend to walk all the time which is one of the secrets to their staying slim. Walking can help you burn off fats in your body because you are constantly expending energy. If you brisk walk, your heart can actually beat faster which, in turn, can make your body turn to stored fats to fuel your body. This is something that most of us are missing out on our day-to-day activities. Next time, walk to your next destination so you will help your body to burn more fats.

They eat fermented foods

If you have been paying attention to Korean diet, you will find that they often serve fermented food every day. This is because fermented foods are rich in probiotics as well as antioxidants that repair and rejuvenate their body and their skin. When there is a decent amount of probiotics in your gut, your digestive system will be able to function better.

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They can’t get enough of tofu

Koreans love tofu. As a matter of fact, you will see it in most Korean dishes. Most vegetarians turn to tofu for protein because it is one of the best sources of protein in the market. Tofu is often avoided because it doesn’t have any taste at all but you will be surprised to find that mixing it with certain spices and herbs can give them a unique taste. Once you get the hang of using tofu in your meals, you will find it quite enjoyable in incorporating into your diet all the time.

They follow a balanced meal

Another reason why Koreans look amazingly slim is that they don’t put a lot of emphasis on meat. Yes, Korean barbecue is quite famous but this isn’t really their main dish. This is because Koreans prefer eating a balanced meal where they put more emphasis on vegetables. You will find that they love to wrap their meat in vegetables. If you have noticed, Korean Diet often comes with vegetables and tofu, seafood, pickled veggies, and healthy carbs too.

Their breakfast is minimal

American breakfast consists mostly of hash browns, sliced bread, two eggs, and sausages. Now imagine what this kind of breakfast can do to you in the long run. Well, Koreans prefer to have minimal breakfast. There is no typical breakfast for Koreans because they eat whatever it is that they have on hand which is mostly rice and soup. You might think that this isn’t enough for you but you might be surprised on how filling it is.

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They prefer homemade food

What else do Koreans do that make them stay slim? Well, most of them prefer eating homemade food rather than order take outs. A healthy diet that consists of fermented vegetables, soups, and the like can keep fats at bay. 

As you can see, you will find that Korean diet is just the best diet there is since there are minimal processed foods that can cause you to gain weight.

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