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Shocking Causes of Dry Skin

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Failure to apply moisturizing lotion and drink plenty of water — we all know that these can leave the skin dry.

Are you frustrated because your skin remains mostly dry as dust despite of you applying generous amounts of lotion and guzzling down lots and lots of water?

Then read on. Below you will come across certain things that you didn’t know could cause dry skin.

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Lotion That Smells Fantastic

Do you love your hand and body moisturizing lotion because it has a lovely smell? Then it might be the one that’s causing your skin to become dry.

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That lotion you are using smells amazing because of added fragrances.

According to experts, most fragrances added to cosmetic products are alcohol-based, and everyone knows that alcohol is something that can easily strip the skin of much-needed moisture.

In other words, the lotion you are applying on your skin to keep it hydrated can be the one that’s leaving it parched!

Ditch that nice-smelling hand and body lotion of yours and replace it with something that does not contain fragrance. It may be odorless, but at least it really does the job.

Harsh Soaps and Detergents

We use soap to rid our skin of bacteria, dirt and grime. Unfortunately, some of the soaps we love because they make the skin look and feel really clean can actually cause excessive dryness.

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Thanks to their harsh ingredients, using them can leave the skin parched and scaly.

But it’s not just strong soaps that can be blamed for excessive skin dryness, but also strong detergents — they can leave your hands dried up each time you use them.

To steer clear of dry skin, make sure that you opt for a soap that’s gentle on your skin, especially one that is devoid of fragrances. Also, consider switching to mild laundry detergents as well as fabric softeners.

Long Hot Showers

Do you love taking long hot showers because it leaves you feeling relaxed? Well, quit this habit of yours if you want to save your skin from being excessively dry.

Hot water can remove protective skin oils, leaving your skin vulnerable to dryness.

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Pairing hot water with harsh soaps is a complete no-no because it will surely cause skin that is dryer than the Atacama Desert in South America!

According to experts, what you need to do instead is opt for warm (not hot!) showers each time. And also, keep warm showers quick and refrain from using harsh soaps, just like what’s discussed earlier.

Skin Damage Caused by the Sun

Everyone knows that unnecessary exposure to the sun can increase a person’s risk of skin cancer, and also trigger the appearance of premature skin aging signs.

Did you know that skin that’s damaged by the sun can also be dry all the time?

It’s for the fact that those harmful UV rays of the sun can penetrate the skin, damaging collagen. Collagen is the one that keeps your skin firm, and it also contributes to its hydration.

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So if you are into sun tanning, turn your back on it and instead go for the use of self-tanning lotions or sprays. Also, don’t forget the importance of applying and reapplying sunscreen during the day!

Intake of Certain Medications

Skin experts say that there are medications that can cause skin dryness as a side effect. So if your skin started getting dry them moment you started to take a drug prescribed by a doctor, then it could be the culprit.

This does not mean, however, that you should quit taking the prescribed drug!

What you need to do is inform your doctor about it so that he or she may prescribe a different one, or allow you to take it at a lower dose to keep skin dryness and other side effects to a minimum.

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Also, you may offset the resulting skin dryness by consuming more water, adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet, and applying moisturizing lotion religiously.

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