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Reasons to Include Cushaw in Your Diet Often

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Yes, that’s not a typo — it’s really cushaw and not cashew. What we are talking about here is a type of squash, although a lot of people easily mistake it for a gourd, courtesy of its elongated neck. Continue reading to know more about this unique-looking squash as well as some of the impressive health benefits it’s known to offer.

Cushaw is actually a native of the south of Mexico, and it’s something that you may not be able to find at your favorite grocery store. However, there is a huge possibility that you will come across one at a local farmers’ market. And when you do run into cushaw, you will surely stop and stare because of the way it looks — it has eye-catching vibrant green stripes running down its body, and it also has a neck that makes it look like a gourd.

While it’s true that cushaw does not look anything like any other squash on the planet, it is still just as superbly versatile in the kitchen as the kind of squash that everybody is used to. You can turn it into soup or have it roasted. You can bake it, too, and even add slices of it to your smoothies. Indeed, cushaw is one very flexible squash!

And just like the more familiar type of squash, cushaw also offers tons of health benefits. Here are some of the reasons why it’s a good idea for you to include cushaw in your diet:

Boosted Immunity

Every serving of cushaw is loaded with vitamin C, which is a nutrient so important for making the immune system strong. The regular intake of cushaw can help in considerably lowering your risk of ending up with the common cold, flu or any other form of infection.

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Delayed Aging

Vitamin C found abundantly in cushaw is also an excellent beautifier of the skin. It helps prevent aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles and sagging as it helps in the synthesis of skin-firming collagen. What’s more, vitamin C that cushaw offers is also a fighter of those skin cell-wrecking antioxidants.

Sharpened Vision

One of the most abundant nutrients found in cushaw is vitamin A, and that’s something so important for keeping the eyes healthy. And when your peepers are in an excellent shape, your vision can be kept out of harm’s way — vitamin A lowers your risk of eye problems that can rob you of your vision.

Optimized Lung Health

Did you know that vitamin A in cushaw is not only good at maintaining healthy eyes and sharp vision, but also keeping your lungs in a healthy state? According to doctors, vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps ward off lung cancer and reduce the harmful effects of smoking to the said organs.

Lowered Blood Pressure

Another nutrient present in every serving of cushaw is potassium, which is revered for its ability to keep the blood pressure within the normal range. It’s not a good idea for your blood pressure to remain increased all the time as it can put you at higher risk of heart disease.

Reduced Birth Defects

Finally, the inclusion of cushaw in the diet is especially beneficial for pregnant women. It’s for the fact that this Mexican squash is a phenomenal source of folate. According to doctors, the said nutrient is important for the proper development of the brain and spinal cord of a fetus, thus reducing birth defect risk.

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