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13 Ways to Make Your Drinking Water More Interesting!

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We all know the effects of drinking water to your health. To some of you who are having a hard time drinking the right amount of water everyday there are ways to make it more interesting.

Scroll down below to find out how you can make Your Drinking Water More Interesting!

1. Use Fruit Ice

You can add fresh fruit or mint into your ice cube tray. Then you can use these ice cubes to add into your drinking water. This way you will be more interested in drinking water than just your usual plain water.

2. Tea Time

Help yourself to a tea and choose from the different varieties of herbal drinks and teas. You will reap its many benefits and can help your body burn more fat.

3. Eat Something Spicy

You can add some fresh peppers or chilis into your meal. You will be needing more water for sure. Studies have shown that spicy foods can help boost your metabolism.

4. Make Yourself Feel Bubbly

Try drinking a bottle of sparkling water instead of soda or softdrinks. If you think it taste bland, you can add lemon, lime or any sugar-free fruit juice that you like.

5. Sip More Often

If you are exercising or working out, bring a bottle water with you so you will be able to hydrate yourself in between the exercise. You can also go to the water fountain while resting so you will drink the right amount of water for the day.

6. Switch It Up

Change the way you drink your water. You can try drinking it in a bottle instead of the usual glass. Or you can drink warm water instead of cold.

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7. Eat Soup

You can help yourself to a chicken broth, vegetable broth or any soup. You will be hydrating yourself, plus all the vitamins and nutrients from these food.

8. Go Herbal

You can add herbs into your drinking water. Frehsly sliced or powdered, you can add mint leaves, lemongrass or ginger.

9. Straw

You can use a straw to drink water so you will not be always drinking it from your glass or bottle.

10. Add Fruits

You have tried adding herbs and fruit ice into your water. You can add fruits as well. Use fruits that are in season such as mango, cherries or oranges.

11. Involve Your Friends

Involve your friends or family to make it a goal to drink at least 5-8 glasses of water a day. This way you can help motivate each other

12. Hydrate with water-based foods

You can also hydrate yourself with water based foods such as water-melon, cantaloupe, grapefruit and cucumbers. This can help you refreshed throughout the day.

13. Water Bottle

You can invest in a water bottle to make drinking water interesting. You might even have to spend a few money for that, but if it will make you drink more water, go for it!

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