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Let ’s Talk About Beauty Hacks

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You don’t have to invest a lot of money to look beautiful. Women are some of the most innovative creatures on earth. They have managed to create some of the best beauty hacks without dropping a single dime. Hitting up your house for some dispensable items to use for your beauty routine is a great way to save some dollars.

There are a lot beauty tips and hacks in the world. We’ve listed a few cost effective, time saving and efficient beauty tips we could find. Read on below to know more!

Beauty Hacks

  • A clean hairbrush – we often forget to take care of our hair brush. What we don’t seem to pay attention to is the dirt and fallen hair that tends to attach to our hair every time we brush. This left over grime and dirt on the brush are then returned to your hair when youbrush the next day. You can prevent this by cleaning your with a toothbrush and letting it completely dry, then placing a two ply of tissues above the brush. Allow the bristles to poke the tissue and press it on the base of the brush. You can now brush your hair. The tissue can suck up excess grease in the hair and can be easily removed after use. Preventing dirt, hair and oil from staying on the brush.
  • A Cold Dip – Ice cold water can help your hair and face in the morning. If you want to wake up in an instant, dipping your face in a bucket filled with ice cold water can do the trick. Another great thing about it is that it can tighten your skin and improve your complexion. The cold water can help reduce the appearance of pores and make your skin appear clearer and plumper than normal. This can improve the whole body too, it can tighten the skin and pores. This will also help retain the moisture of the skin throughout the day. Ice cold water can also give your hair a shiny appearance. The cold water will help flatten the cuticles of the hair, making it appear fine and shiny. This will also help lock in the moisture of the hair, reducing dryness.
  • The Makeup Guide – A good trick for beginners, never buy makeup just because it’s being pushed on you. Yes, these people are experts when it comes to their products.
    But they do not know your skin as well as you do. You can waste a whole lot of money believing that a certain product can work for you. You can prevent buying products that you don’t need by actually sampling them. Ask the stores for a simple makeover. Try to do this early in the day and wait and see how long the makeup would last. Those it still look good? Did it smudge easily? Does it feel right? Did you experience itching or irritation? Is it good for your acidic skin? After trying out the product for 12 hours, you can make your decision to stick to the product or find something that would suit you better.
  • Hair Style – It’s a really good idea to have a permanent hair stylist. This stylist will
    know your hair better than you ever will. They can give you different hair tips specifically applicable to your hairstyle, haircut, and hair condition. So, when you find your hair stylist soul mate stick with them. They might even give you free treatments and huge discounts.
  • Nail Brightener – So, you’ve messed up your nails? Now they look yellowish due to the excessive use of nail polish or using strong nail polish. It’s not a good idea to add another layer of nail polish on top of your yellow nail, it can further damage your nails.
    Don’t worry though, you don’t have to go around feeling embarrassed of your nails. Use one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Dip your fingernails in this mixture for three minutes and rinse. Repeat this every other day.
  • There are a lot of multipurpose beauty items that you need to have at home to improve your beauty routine. Some of the most important ones are coconut oil, pet
    roleum jelly, honey and onion. You can use these items in different home remedies for health and beauty items.
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If there is a will, there really is a way. In a world where beauty plays such a huge role, we hope this beauty hacks were able to help you make this daunting task a lot easier. What do you think about these beauty hacks? Have some to share?

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