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Health Risks You Might Get at the Nail Salon

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Women often frequent nail salons and because of this, these salons have seen a steady parade of customers. You nails get cleaned, cut, trimmed and filed.

You probably think that these salon visit won’t send you on your way to the doctor’s office but customers and salon workers are at risk of spreading disease. It’s not uncommon to get infection and other health risk you can get from the nail salons.

Read on below to familiarize yourself on the health risks you can encounter at these nail salons.

1. Nail Fungus

Experts says that nail fungus can spread and develop if instruments and foot baths in nail salon are not properly clean.

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If you suspect that you may have a fungus, you can treat it at home by removing the part of the nail that is infected with a nail clipper. If it goes back, you should consult a podiatrist to have it treated.

2. Injury that Causes Infection

Experts said that the primary risk you can get from the nail salon is an injury that leads to infection. When tha nail technician is clipping your cuticles or nails, he/she may clipped it a little too quickly and you might get nicked and bleed.

To avoid infection, it is necessary that all tools used in the nails salon should bne sterilize for about 20-30 minutes.

Below are the 5 Infections you can get from the nail salon:

  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Warts
  • Swine Flu
  • MRSA
  • Mycobacterium fortuitum or M. fortuitum

3. Respiratory Irritation

Nail salons use acetone and other solvents for your nails. And these have strong smell that you and the nail salon staff often breath and inhale.

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Experts says that this can trigger asthma and asthma sufferers can have their condition worsen.

To avoid any health complication, nails salons should not use products with these toxic trio; formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. Nail staff on the other hand, should use a respirator when at work to avoid inhaling toxic fumes

4. UV Ray Exposure

Women are really fond of frequenting nail salons to have their nails painted. But you should be aware of the dangers from the UV rays that the drying station or lamps emit.

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While experts says that there’s no evidence that these can cause cancer, it was revealed that DNA damage to the skin could occur from 8-14 visits in the nail salons for a period of 2-4 years.

It is recommended that nail salon goers should wear a sunscreen to protect from UVB and UVA rays on the hands to avoid damage.

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