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30 Bad Habits that Tarnish Hair and Skin Quality

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Becoming generally healthy, well groomed and fairly blemish free is not supposed to be an expensive and super tedious task.  Some products and services may dent wallets but in truth it does not have to be that way for everyone.  Mass marketing and commercially produced beauty products are good at creating an atmosphere around beauty care that perfection is so sought after and barely attainable.

Well it really just takes extra care, attention and self-discipline.  In reality we must realize and accept that many products are overpriced and/or a scam that even comes with unnatural, unneeded chemicals.  Also testing out many different non-organic products is confusing and damaging to our skin and hair.  Taking our time to figure out what products are healthiest along with figuring out and sticking to a routine.

You just got to have a small grasp on basic body care science, some common sense and a little research on the ingredients safety and benefit.  Listen to your body, commercials and many scam artists will tell you that you need this and that but giving a little effort to your own beauty journey will guarantee you form a complete beauty kit fitting for your skin and hair type.

Here are 30 bad hair and skin habits that are very fixable:

  1. Testing out too many products in a short period of time.

A lot more damaging than you think and bombards skin with a mixture of harmful and safe natural substances.  Unless products are organic or totally natural, but still don’t switch too soon unless you experience immediate reactions.

  1. Always going for what’s cheapest or trendiest.
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Not necessarily means your body agrees with it.  Check ingredients, research if they are needed or natural.  You know buying materials closer to Earth is better, like extra virgin coconut oil or other plant oils are much safer and predictable.

  1. Especially picking at your face. More so with dirty fingers.

Stop doing that to your pimples.  Washing your face and using blemish removing toners is enough.  At least steam your face to open up the pores and use tissue so your nails do not damage skin.

  1. Brushing hair wet instead of dry before showering.

Very important, wet hair easily tangles, stretches and breaks.  Gently brush off tangles when dry, ends to tops.

  1. Over brushing, harsh brushing and not doing enough gentle hand brushing.

Your fingers can start off or end the job, being very calculated and gentle with tangles.  Make sure you use wide combs and non-overly fine brushes if you have curly or wavy hair.  It will frizz.

  1. Skipping conditioner and using those promised 2-in-1 hair wash.

Unless you have exceptionally bouncy and tangle-free hair with no dry and crunchy ends you have to use conditioner after you shampoo.

  1. Using rough hair ties that pull and stretch or break strands.

Rubber bands and low quality ties are a big no.  Go for strong yet soft ouchless bands that do not pull.

  1. Shampooing thoroughly everyday.

Unless you are real sweaty and dirty everyday, this can ruin your natural oil production.  Skip 1-2 days or use very light shampoo amounts.

  1. Not considering more gentle and natural products.
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Organic and natural or semi-natural products are widely available and gentle.  Harsh, cheap products are just bad for your skin in the long run.

  1. Barely exercising or not at all.

You will never reach peak health and won’t be able to fully access your mineral and vitamin deposits if you hate physical activity.

  1. Eating a lot of sugar and not enough fresh veggies and fruits.

Processed or white sugar and those cheap hydrogenated oils are the enemy and do the opposite of antioxidants.

  1. Allowing yourself to stress easily.

Team endorphins not cortisol!

  1. Using suspiciously cheap makeup.

Quit being cheap.  Having a few good items over numerous chemical-laden ones is better always.

  1. Not washing your face before bed, especially with makeup on.

Clogged, dirty pores.  At least wipe off with facial wipes.

  1. Using toners that are too drying and overly stingy.

Choose brands and formula types suited to your skin.

  1. Skipping on lotions, creams or gel.

When you find moisturizers that are not too oily or runny for your skin stick to it!

  1. Not cleaning your surroundings and/or clothing enough.

Bacteria buildup.

  1. Using alcohol or alcohol-based products.

Our skin does not like alcohol.  There are many natural extracts that cleanse and tighten the skin like tea tree, mint or eucalyptus.

  1. Wearing hairstyles too tight and at a wrong angle.

Pulls at your hair and heavy hair can also pull at the scalp and give headaches, painful follicles.

  1. Wearing a hairstyle too long.

Change it up for follicle and scalp health too.

  1. Not getting trims every 3-4 months.
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Don’t get too attached to your ends, especially split ends.

  1. Skipping on hair serum, you just need to apply on the ends.

Split, damaged ends spread onto healthier parts.  Serums prevent this, and trims of course.

  1. Keeping hair wet too long, especially in hot water.

Marinating hair in higher risk of damage.

  1. Tying or wrapping hair wet.

Really bad.

  1. Cleaning skin and hair too much. Over washing or scrubbing more so with hot water.

Strips off too much of a top layer, strips too much natural oils.

  1. Going out in the sun or doing rough sports right after a deep skin cleansing like a peel or scrubbing.

At least wear lotion or sunscreen to protect from drying and flaking.

  1. Wearing bras and panties or briefs that rub your skin wrong.

Choose undies wisely.

  1. Leaning on elbows and knees on rough surfaces or angles.

Ugh, hurts thinking about it.  And yes apply moisturizer.

  1. Not taking vitamin and mineral supplements.

Vitamins and minerals A to Zinc plus fish oil and collagen boosters.

  1. Not ending the showers with cold water.

Seals your pores and firms up your skin while teaching your body to bring up its core temperature.

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