Reasons Why Your Makeup Isn’t as Good as You Want

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Have you ever wondered why wearing makeup sometimes doesn’t go according to plan? It might be that you are feeling a tad frustrated with the way your makeup looks like afterwards especially when you compare it to others. Well, there are quite a lot of reasons why your makeup doesn’t end up the way you want it to and we have found some that are worth repeating here. You might learn a thing or two with these reasons and take the right steps to correct them.

You’re not taking care of your skin. If you want your makeup to look amazing, you should start with caring for your skin. You should build a skin care routine that will suit your skin type and stick with it. If you are not familiar with your skin type, talk to your dermatologist about it. Of course, it pays to moisturize your skin a few minutes before you apply your makeup to keep your skin properly hydrated. It might be a good idea to use a primer too to help create a smooth base for your makeup to adhere to.

Your foundation doesn’t match your skin. Since there are quite a lot of options for makeup to consider, we often end up making the wrong choices for our makeup kit. Most of the time, we fail in choosing the right foundation based on our skin tone. And when this happens, the rest of your makeup palette will not look good on you because of the foundation.

Wrong choice of tools. Another reason why our makeup doesn’t even come close to the result that we want is because we are using the wrong tools. You might be used to using sponge applicators when applying makeup but this often gets in the wrong pallete which can affect your overall look. There is no doubt that the best way to apply makeup is by using brushes. Of course, there are more than a dozen brushes to choose from so make sure that you choose those that you will frequently use such as for blush, eye shadow, contouring, and the like.

You don’t apply enough concealer. It is also possible that you are wearing too light a concealer which can affect your overall look. You might think that you just need to apply a light concealer on your skin to hide those dark circles or pimples even but the right approach is to add more as long as you blend it properly with the rest of your makeup.

You are not considering formulas. Another reason why we suck at wearing makeup is that we are not really paying much attention to the formula that we are using. For example, for those with oily skin, look for mattifying products as they will help reduce oiliness while creams and liquids are ideal for hydrating already dry skin. It’s all about finding the right formula for your makeup that will have a huge impact on your overall look.

You don’t do highlights. Applying makeup in just one shade is all well and good but without highlights, your makeup doesn’t really look natural. Add some accents to your T-zone using shimmery makeup for added impact. Highlights and contouring can add more dimension to your look. 

These are just a few known reasons why we just can’t seem to perfect our makeup look. Now that you have an idea on why we tend to fail at times, you can always make adjustments to your makeup routine to get the desired results in the end.

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