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Beauty Secrets that You Will Learn from Makeup Artist School

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Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our makeup which is not surprising given that there is an entire world of products that are just too overwhelming at times. What’s more, how we apply makeup is a constant battle that, unless you went to a makeup artist school, you’ll end up with an uneven look.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to a makeup artist school just to learn the tricks taught there because we are sharing them here.

Invest on proper tools. The first thing that you will learn in a makeup artist school is that the quality of the makeup tools that you are using is as important as the quality of the product that you are using. Investing on professional brushes can actually improve your makeup application significantly. There are different types of makeup brushes that you will encounter like concealer brush, blush brush, and foundation brush just to name a few.

Learn to conceal. Another beauty secret that is frequently taught is learning how to conceal blemishes properly. Women prefer to step outside their home looking gorgeous and flawless but waking up to a zit or dark circles under the eyes is a complete catastrophe. But should this really be a problem? In makeup school, you will be introduced to the color wheel where you will learn how to manipulate the colors to conceal the redness or bluish or green undertones on your face. You will be taught that opposite colors cancel each other out so using a concealer with green undertones will be more effective in reducing the redness caused by acne breakout while concealers with orange tones can cancel out the blue. Learning this by heart can actually have a huge impact on your ability to conceal.

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Mix your primer with your foundation. There are different types of foundation that are being sold today and these are powder, liquid, and cream. We all know this for sure but did you know that you can mix it with your primer? The primer is usually applied before foundation, this is true, but mixing them together can actually extend the coverage of the foundation without it looking cakey. Doing this will also help your foundation blend seamlessly with your first layer of primer.

Flatter your face’s shape. Another secret that is usually revealed in many makeup schools is that you should flatter your face shape. Contouring is using the art of shading and highlighting to give proper emphasis on your best assets. Any area that is lighter than the skin tone will appear more prominent while the darker areas will recede. For example, if your forehead is a bit prominent, shade the outer edge of the forehead along the hairline to reduce the area for bronzing. On the other hand, if you have a round face but would like it to make it look more oval, you will need to apply bronzer that is at least a shade or two darker than your skin tone in a figure 3 on the sides of your head, on your temples, cheeks, and chin.

Make your eyes pop. Just like you do with altering the shape of your face, you can also apply the same highlights and shades on your eyes. For example, to add definition to your eyes, apply a light bronzer through the crease of your eyes which is basically halfway between your lashline and your eyebrow. If you have blue eyes, you can make the color of your eyes stand out further by using a bronzer that has orange tint to it.

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