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Manicure and Pedicure Combos Perfect for Summer

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Gone are the dark and dreary days of winter, and now that the summer is finally here, why not welcome the sun, the beach, and the sea with some fun nail colors? Opting for solid colors is all well and good but sometimes, two nail colors on your nails can really make them pop. Thanks to the myriad of colors for nail polish today, it is almost impossible not to be at a loss as to what to use. Then again, there is something else to consider when it comes to nail polish and that is to look for complementary colors for your pedicure.

Here are some perfect summer combos that you might want to try out.

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Beach break. Summer is all about heading to the beach where you can soak up the sun to thaw the last remnants of winter and to swim in the cool waters of the ocean. With this in mind, bringing the beach and the sea with you is not really a bad idea. You can pull this off by using beige and turquoise. These colors complement each other nicely and will look amazing on you as you hit the beach.

Pink says it all. Show off your girlish side with pink nail polish on your nails and toenails. Complement your hot pink manicure with pale pink toe nails. You can never go wrong with this color combination if you want to ooze sex appeal just in time for those summer gatherings with your friends.

Weekend in the city. Why not show your sunny disposition in your nails by pairing your peach nail polish with some summer yellow? These colors are just perfect for those days when you’re cooling off in the mall with a little bit of shopping on the side. It is up to you where to apply your peach and yellow nail polish so have fun with this color combination.

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Lavender and violet. Another summer combination that is worth trying out is lavender and violet. The pale shade of lavender will work nicely on your nails as it gives off that softer side of you. Pair this with a bold shade of violet on your toenails and you will be a mixture of softness and strength as you strut your stuff in the beach.

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Office beauty. The summer season will definitely pull the crowd to the beaches but when you’re stuck in the office, don’t despair. You can bring your own bit of sunshine in your work with some vibrant posy nail polish combined with pastel pink. You won’t regret being stuck in your workplace with these shades at all.

Cobalt and plum. If you are looking for dramatic shades for your nails for your summer night outs, mix your cobalt with plum and you are good to go. These dark colors will still exude that summer vibe as the cobalt can remind you of the deep, blue ocean, and the plum the right color for that summer sunset. Not bad, right?

Coral and nude. Another summer combination that you won’t regret doing is the coral and nude. Nude nail polish is perfect with just any outfit that you have in mind then combine it with the strong shade of coral and you’ll definitely show that confidence within you. The best thing about these shades is that they can be interchanged and will work nicely with your office attire too. 

These are just a few manicure and pedicure combinations that you might want to give a try this summer season. For sure, you will find them quite irresistible especially when you pair them with your cool outfit for your summer vacation.

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