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Age Spots Causes, Symptoms, Remedies

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Age spots, also known as solar lentigines and liver spots, are flat brown, tan, or black spots, which are usually seen on the face, shoulders, arms, and hands. Common in adults more than 50 years old, they are one of the signs of aging, along with fine lines and wrinkles, and for some women, it looks unpleasant that they want it to be gone. The following are the causes, signs and symptoms, and remedies for age spots.


Age spots are primarily caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays or UVR, according to Mayo Clinic. As per the publication, the spots may also be due to the use of tanning beds and commercial tanning lamps. In physiology, ultraviolet light boosts melanin production in the skin; it promotes a tan color, which protects deeper skin layers from ultraviolet rays. Hence, age spots appear when melanin is produced in high concentrations secondary to years of prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun.

Signs and Symptoms

According to Mayo Clinic, age spots appear as flat and oval areas of skin pigmentation and they are usually tan, brown, or black in hue. As per the publication, they appear on skin of body parts that have had the most frequent and prolonged sun exposure; they include the face, shoulders, hands, top of the feet, and upper back. Skin changes are also associated with melanoma or skin cancer; thus, it is vital to seek medical consult if the spot is darkly pigmented, increases in size, has an irregular border, has unusual color combinations, and is accompanied by redness, itching, bleeding, or tenderness.

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Home Remedies

While various skin care products like soap and lotion are available in the market to get rid of age spots, home remedies can also be done to manage the condition.

Lemon Juice

One remedy for age spots is lemon juice. According to One Good Thing by Jillee, lemon juice contains citric acid, which acts as a natural bleaching agent and exfoliates the skin; hence, it helps reduce age spot appearance. To apply, as per the publication, the person dabs fresh lemon juice onto the age spots and is left for at least 30 minutes, overnight, or depending on the person’s comfort. As per the publication, the person applies the lemon juice two times a day and improvements can be noticed in about two months.

Onion and Apple Cider Vinegar

Two other remedies for age spots are onion and apple cider vinegar, which are both available in with household. According to Organic Facts, onion is blended and strained into a bowl. Next, apple cider vinegar is mixed with the onion. Then, the mixture is applied over the spots with a cotton swab dipped in the preparation. As per the publication, the mixture has demonstrated enhanced results in five to six months.


Papaya is another accessible remedy for age spots. According to Natural Living Ideas, papaya has hydroxy acids, along with specific enzymes that aid in skin exfoliation and blemish reduction; this way, the person’s skin will have a radiant glow. To prepare, as per the publication, the papaya flesh is held to the age spots for about 20 minutes. Another option is to cut the fruit into tiny chunks, which are pressed into a pulp with a fork. Then, the pulp is applied to the spots and is let to sit for about 20 minutes.

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Age spots are considered signs of aging, which some women want to get rid of. Along with the aforementioned home remedies, medical consult with a dermatologist can be done for further assessment, planning, intervention, education, and evaluation.

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