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Studies Show Houseplants Can Hydrate Skin in Winter

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It’s hard to keep your skin hydrated during the winter as you are constantly exposed to the cool weather, the warmth of the heater in the office or at home, and others. The problem here is that your skin can become dull and dry which can leave you prone to cracking and peeling skin. Most of us rely on beauty and skin care products to protect our skin against dryness, but their contents may not be good for our skin. Is there any way to bring back the natural moisture to our skin?

How Houseplants Hydrate Skin in Winter

It appears that there is a cheaper and safer way for you to keep your skin hydrated during the winter and that is to add more plants to your home. This is based on a recent study that was commissioned by the RHS or the Royal Horticultural Society together with Reading University as well as PhD student, Curtis Gubb. Based on their research, they found that some types of potted plants are actually beneficial to the skin.

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According to the study, it appears that there are certain types of shrubs as well as flowers that can combat the dryness that is often caused by heating units in your home through transpiration. Transpiration is the process in which plants lose the water that they contain through their leaves which causes more moisture to appear in the air inside your home.

Dr. Tijana Blanusa, RHS’s chief horticultural scientist, said in an interview with the Telegraph that houseplants may be the simplest and cheapest way to minimize the dryness in your home which can help reduce the effects of dry skin. Aside from helping your skin stay moist, there are other benefits linked to having plants in your home such as improving your mental faculties and boosting your overall health too.

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In order to find the best plants for your skin, look for those that have transpiration rates, including those that have large leaves because they have the tendency to introduce more water into the air which will be good for your skin.

Which Plants Are Good for Your Home?

Boosting the humidity levels in your home, especially during winter, is not only good for your skin, but also improve your overall well being too. Plants often pull water from the roots in order to sustain the top portion, but most of the water that they gather often up evaporating in the air, which is good for the air inside your home.

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If you want to save your skin naturally, these plants are worth adding to your home:


You may already be growing this plant in your garden. It has this colorful foliage that looks like straps. It prefers to have a moist soil rather than being waterlogged which you can determine by checking the leaves of the plant. If they turn yellow or are starting to droop, then you have put a lot of water into the pot. The leaves of this plant release more moisture into the air which can help your dry skin.

Peace lily

Another potted plant that deserves to have a place in your home this winter is the peace lily. Also referred to as closet plant, the peace lily is quite easy to grow in your home, even in winter. What’s nice about this plant is that it can tolerate low to medium light which means that, even in winter, this will survive winter inside your home.

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There are other plants to consider too, but these are good plants to start with. You’ll find that they are easy to grow and care for even in winter.

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