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Most Searched Diets in 2018

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Another year is soon to be over, and it seems that 2018 is full of crazy wellness trends. The dieting trends this year were all over that it’s hard to figure out which ones are legit, and which ones are just fad diets to begin with. Most just follow whatever diet helps them lose weight, but is this a healthy mindset to begin with? Well, not so much since not all of the diets that appeared have been tested. Who knows? Some of them may even backfire!

If you check which diets were most searched this year, you’ll find some odd ones, and others you are already familiar with. Let’s find out which ones were searched frequently.

Keto Diet

The Keto Diet has gained quite a following over the years, with its promise of weight loss without having to workout due to carb restriction. Removing carbs in your diet causes your body to go into ketosis where the fat is used up for fuel.

Intermittent Fasting

As the name suggests, this type of fasting is said to help speed up your metabolism, slow down the signs of aging, reduce your risk of having heart problems, and even stopping inflammation from happening too. Many have tried this in the hopes of speeding up their weight loss.

Carnivore Diet

Another diet that has been searched numerous times over the year is the carnivore diet. The proponents of this diet do not agree that humans are omnivores thus they are promoting that people should eat more meat and have more water in their system. That being said, you’ll just simply load up on meat without eating any vegetables in this diet. Red meat is recommended by those who follow this diet.

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Optavia Diet

Like it was mentioned before, there are some diets that will leave you a bit puzzled. Basically, optavia is a diet that is sent to your doorstep. This involves several small meals that you will be eating throughout the day. It is said that your body absorbs more nutrients when you are enjoying them, but this may be a bit tricky when you don’t know what type of food you will get for the day.

Mediterranean Diet

You’ve probably heard about this diet during your search for healthy diets to try. This has been considered as one of the best healthy diets to try as it reduces one’s risk from dementia as well as other illnesses. Foods that are allowed in this diet include fish, fruits, poultry, vegetables, as well as whole grains just to name a few. Drinking a moderate amount of wine is recommended too. 

Noom Diet

Another diet that has gained some attention with millennials, the Noom Diet is an app for smartphones that encourage you to create some healthy habits by using a psychology approach. Aside from keeping track of the food that you’re eating, your blood pressure, the type of workout that you do, and the like, you will also take several tests about topics concerning health and nutrition, and even get to connect with a coach who will help you with your weight goals. Although this app may have been approved by millennials, it is not really for everybody.

Shepherd’s Diet

This diet follows the self-named title that says that there is scientific proof as well as God’s graces that there are already foods indicated in the Bible on what to eat. If you bought the book, you can have the option of getting add-ons that will give you more information about the diet.

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