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Are You Using Facial Wipes Correctly? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Busy days are no longer new to us what with the constant full schedule that seem to be taking up most of our days. Running errands for home, driving to work, and staying later during crunch time are quite common, to the point that we barely have time to take care of ourselves in between. Having facial cleansing wipes on hand seem like godsend because you can simply get a sheet to wipe your skin with to remove dirt, dust, oil, and sweat, and even to get rid of the makeup particles at the end of the day because we are just too tired to go through all the motions of cleansing our skin.

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Wipes are Good for Light to Medium Makeup

Facial wipes are actually good for cleaning your face when you are wearing light to medium amounts of makeup. The hydrating and cleansing solutions that are present in these wipes can help remove makeup particles with every swipe of the facial sheet. Of course, you will need to use several wipes to ensure that you have removed all traces of makeup.

But what if you are wearing heavier makeup? Although facial wipes can still be used to cleanse your skin, you will need to bring out the big guns to get rid of all the makeup particles that are clinging to your skin. Facial wipes can only do so much when it comes to removing the impurities from your skin which is why you need to use cleansers after too.

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Mistakes We Make with Facial Wipes

There are two mistakes that we often make when it comes to using facial wipes. The first one is that we are never using enough facial wipes to cleanse our skin from impurities, especially when we wear makeup, and second, we are not wiping our skin completely are even forgetting to cleanse along our hair line. The problem with missing a few areas on your skin is that it can cause buildup of makeup particles, oil, dust, dirt, and whatnot that can trigger acne breakouts, and even speed up the aging process too. Just remember that these particles can accumulate over time and may cause more skin problems for you in the long run.

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How to Use Facial Wipes Correctly

You may think that you already know everything there is to know on how to use facial wipes, but you may be surprised to find that you are doing it wrong. As it was mentioned before, most people tend to forget to wipe their hairline as well as their jawline hence makeup particles still remain. Another problem that some of us face is that we don’t put much effort in removing our eye makeup or we wipe it at the wrong order hence we end up with plenty of gunk smeared on our cheeks. What can you do?

The proper way to use facial wipes is to start in the middle of your face then wipe outwards, paying attention to your hairline as well as your jawline. The tricky part here is the eye makeup which, like it was mentioned before, can be tough to cleanse. You can start with an eye makeup remover first, or soak some cotton pads in eye makeup remover before wiping your makeup off as eye shadows and the like are formulated to last for hours. You can use a different wipe for your eyes, or leave it on for one to two minutes, as long as you don’t tug at your eyelashes since you might pull them off.

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Although facial wipes do come in handy when it comes to cleansing your skin, you may need more cleansing products to get rid of all the makeup that you are wearing. Still, these wipes are good enough to use when you are in a bind.

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