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Weird Beauty Secrets That Work

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These beauty tips may seem a bit weird to some, but these tips have been proven and tested. Adding this unexpected beauty secrets can do wonders in your beauty regimen. Most of these beauty secrets were designed for women, but some of them can also be applied to men.

Most of these tricks are usually untrue, but there are actually some that are really good.

At our office, we’re always hearing ridiculous beauty tricks that sound too good (or crazy) to be true, but there’s no better feeling than making a weird beauty discovery that really works. After spending some time with the most common beauty problem everyone encounters, we’ve put together all of our favorite weird beauty tricks that do what they say they’ll do. Our hope is that some of your most frustrating beauty problems will be solved with these tricks!

Keep Your Nail Polish in the Fridge

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Have you ever applied new nail polish on and you get an uneven coat due to the bubbles? Bubbles form inside nail polish bottles when they are stored in warm temperature. Keep your nail polish smooth by storing it at room temperature. Leaving your nail polish in the fridge can help keep the polish from drying out and prevent bubbles.


Keep a spoon handy on your vanity table. Spoons can help you eat soups and scoop out food from your plate. This multipurpose tool can also be used for your makeup needs. You can freeze two pairs of spoons and use it in your under eye to remove puffiness. Spoons can also protect your eyelids from mascara marks. Place your spoon against your skin/ eyelids and curve the mascara against it. You can also use the spoon to curl your eyelashes. Heat the spoon and use it to curl the lashes. Another great way to use the spoon is to use it to create an easy winged eyeliner tip. Place the straight part of the spoon at the end of your lash line in a 45 degree direction. Create the line and use the curve edge of the spoon to create the wing tip.

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Haven’t slept last night? Watch a tear jerker before you slept? You wake up with red and puffy eyes. You can remove the puffiness by using a potato. Yes a potato can remove the puffiness in your eyes. Slice a potato and make small portions to apply to your eyelids. This will reduce the swelling and cool your eyes.

Coffee Grounds

At the first sight of cellulite, take coffee grounds and use it on the affected area. This will help stimulate the skin cells and remove dead skin cells. This will improve the skin condition and prevent the cellulite from getting worse. Do this every day to improve the skin appearance. You can use this coffee grounds to exfoliate the skin and lighten dark spots.

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Mayonnaise is great for the hair. This may seem disgusting at first, but it can do wonders for the hair. It can moisturize the hair and lessen the appearance of split ends. Massage the mayonnaise on your hair and avoid placing it in your scalp, leave it on for 20 minutes. You can apply heat to boost the effects of the mayonnaise. You can blow dry the hair or use a showering cap.


After working out our face turns red and puffy. You can combat the redness by taking antihistamines, within a few minutes the redness will fade away.

Stretch Out Shoes

Your new shoes causing blisters on your feet? Stretch them out by wearing two or more pair of socks and wear the shoes. Take your blow dry and apply some heat around the shoe. Leave it on for a few minutes. This will stretch out the shoes and stop blisters.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has natural components that can help bleach the hair. Using lemon juice on your hair can lighten it to one or two shades. The acidity of the lemon will remove some of the pigments in the hair making it lighter. Apply equal parts water and lemon juice in the hair. Apply heat to boost the effect. Just make sure to apply conditioner afterwards since this can dry it out.

Being in the beauty industry, there is nothing too weird or too unusual for beauty. Most of these weird beauty secrets are used by celebrities and they swear by it. I hope these weird beauty secrets have helped you in your beauty endeavors. If you know any weird beauty secrets, share them with us below. Keep smiling and stay beautiful!

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