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Health and Beauty Benefits of Neroli Essential Oil

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Neroli essential oil is derived from the tiny white flowers of the bitter orange tree, which is native to Asia and Eastern Africa, but can also be found in certain areas of the US and the Mediterranean region. Since thousands of flowers have to be handpicked and carefully handled, it doesn’t come as a surprise why it is on the expensive side.

Because of the exquisite flowery and citrusy scent of neroli essential oil, it is commonly used for creating perfumes. But don’t assume that this fragrant oil offers nothing but a lovely smell. For so many years now, it is actually employed for relieving an array of health and beauty problems, from stress to wrinkles.

Let us take a peek at some of the most amazing perks that neroli essential oil is known to offer:


It Combats Depression

Are you on the hunt for a drug- and side effect-free way to lift your mood? Simply take a whiff of neroli essential oil. Its pleasing smell is usually enough to bring back that smile on your face. If you cannot get your hands on a bottle of neroli essential oil, look for a perfume containing it and then spray that depression away!


It Lowers Stress and Anxiety

Thanks to the calming effect of the really nice smell of neroli essential oil, it may be employed to reduce stress especially at the end of a very busy day. Neroli essential oil is also known to be very good against anxiety. Because it can relax both your body and mind, its fragrance can help stave off the unfavorable effects of stress and anxiety.

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It Relieves Flatulence

Having a little neroli essential oil massaged on the abdominal area can help provide relief from flatulence, which is the buildup of excess gas in the gut. Flatulence is something that can bring much embarrassment as well as discomfort — it makes your tummy look distended as well as cause the area to have cramps.


It Kills Off Microorganisms

A few drops of neroli essential oil may be taken by mouth if you are suffering an infection. One of the most popular traditional uses of the very fragrant essential oil is for the treatment of urinary tract infection or UTI. Neroli essential oil is also commonly employed for curing colon and pancreas infection, as well as disinfecting wounds.


It Boosts One’s Immunity

Neroli essential oil is also usually used for strengthening the immune system. Especially during the cold months of the year when flu and other respiratory infections become rampant, neroli essential oil may be utilized to keep the body effectively safeguarded from invading bacteria and viruses.


It Increases Libido

These days, there are all sorts of pills that are formulated to increase a person’s sexual appetite. However, many of them have questionable ingredients that tend to cause a host of unfavorable side effects. If you’re looking for an all-natural way to win back your libido, you can always count on neroli essential oil’s aphrodisiac properties.


It Improves Skin Imperfections

A lot of women rely on neroli essential oil in eliminating acne and unsightly scars. Similarly, the oil is also employed by many in making unsightly stretch marks appear less visible. To make an expensive bottle of neroli essential oil go a long way, add a drop or two of it in your favorite essential oil such as olive oil or coconut oil.

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It is Good for the Circulation

Having neroli essential oil diluted and massaged all over the body is said to help enhance blood circulation. The same beneficial effect may be obtained by adding a few drops of the fragrant oil in your bathwater. Traditional healers, by the way, also use neroli essential oil in controlling high blood pressure or hypertension.

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