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How to Lose One Pound in 7 Days!

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Losing weight should not be hard. Start by taking small steps to achieve your ideal weight.

To lose a pound in a week you need to reduce about 3,500 calories. So, you should lose about 500 calories in a day. You can burn off some of the calories by working out while the rest can be achieved by watching your food intake. There are easy and fun ways to do this and watch your weight go down.

1. Cut out sugar

You all know what sugar does to the body, so cut it out even for a day. How? Start by taking fiber cereals instead of the frosted variety. Don’t put sugar in your coffee and skip honey in your tea as well. Go for sugar free jam in your toast and skip that dessert for now.

2. Modify your lunch

A typical cheese slice contains 80-100 calories according to some Nutritionist. You can reduce your calories by 900 if you go cheese-free for 3 times a week.

The best way to do this is to skip the cheese in your sandwiches or salads and replace potato chips with soy chips instead.

3. Drink fruit-flavored herbal water

Make it a habit to drink regular water infused with herbs or fruits. A glass of fruit juice has about 120 calories, so naturally flavored sparkling or regular water is a good substitute.

4. Mist oil when cooking

The amount of oil we put when cooking and baking can amount to 300 calories per meal. The main solution is to use an oil mister to evenly spread the oil across the pan you’re cooking. This can save you about 500 calories less on two nights of cooking.

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5. Hold off all bread

Skip on all the breads at every meal. During breakfast, avoid the bagel and go for cereals and fruits. At lunch, eat your sandwich filling instead and at dinner, forgo the spread and rolls.

6. Use lemon

Salad dressings contain so many calories, so you can skip it as well. Instead squeeze half of lemon over your greens or salad. Lemons add a great tangy flavor kick to your salads and reduce your calorie intake by 200.

7. Use Greek yogurt as condiment

The sour cream, mayo and mustard you use on sandwiches and dips has about 100 calories per tablespoon. So replace them with a nonfat Greek yogurt which is just as flavorful and tangy. This will cut about 335 calories.

8. Eliminate snacking

Take out any between meal snacking. Skip your 10am snack bar, mid-day snacks at 3pm and any late night ice cream.

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