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Spring Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

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We all love wearing nail art since they add character to our overall look, but many are hard pressed to find designs that will work with their short nails. But should this be a problem? Not when you have a creative imagination, you don’t. Spring is just around the corner which means that it is time for you to shed those dark and somber shades for nail polish with more colors. The good news is that there are plenty of nail art designs that will work well even when you have short nails like the ones below.

Pressed wildflowers

Spring means flowers popping up once more and what better way to usher these beauties than adding them to your nails? Gather some wildflowers from around the neighborhood and press them in notebooks or books. Start with a base coat then, while the coating is almost dried, place the pressed wildflowers on your nails. Allow them to adhere to your nails first and dry them completely before applying top coat.

Distressed French tips

French tips bring a certain class to the nails but if you don’t want that perfect French tip or you want to give your nails that extra character then using a distressed French tip instead is so much better. Apply two layers of baby blue nail polish on at least 2/3 of your nails. Use a flat based brush and soak it in your choice of nail polish remover and distress the edges of the baby blue nail polish. You can wash the brush in water before dipping into the polish remover then applying on the nails until you achieve your desired result. Use a thin nail brush and dip it into a metallic nail polish before drawing thin lines from the middle of your nails through your distressed French tip. Cover afterwards with top coat.

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Blossoming beauty

Since spring is just a few months away, you can make your short nails look the part by decorating them with lavender blooms on white backdrop. Start with the base coat first to protect the nails against discoloration. Apply white nail polish on your nails then allow to dry. Use a flat, thin brush dipped in green to draw the leaves for the lavender blooms. Let the color set. Now use lavender or purple colored nail polish to draw lavender blooms on your nails. Let them dry before finishing with top coat.

Reverse French manicure

There is no denying the beauty of French tips but if you want to have some changes to your nail art this spring time, do a reverse French manicure instead. As the name suggests, you will simply place the white on the opposite end of your nails while the rest are painted with your choice of nail polish. Don’t forget to apply base coat first to give your nails protection from damages. Paint your nails after with your choice of nail polish color then let them dry. Use a white nail polish near the base of your nails and repeat with other nails. Apply top coat afterwards to seal in the color.

Soft glam look

Another spring time nail art design that will work beautifully with short nails is the soft glam look. If you don’t have a steady hand but would like to give your nails that extra shine then this one is for you. Apply your base coat first followed by your choice of nail polish then allow to dry. Get some glitter nail polish and apply on the base of your nails. You don’t need a steady hand for this as the glitter can add to the overall look of your nails. Cover with top coat afterwards.

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