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How to Get Younger Looking Hands in 3 Easy Steps

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Do you want to have younger looking hands? Treat them to some tender loving care to have a younger-looking complexion. Just follow the steps below.

Use Moisturizers

Keep moisturizers somewhere close, wherein you can access them easily. Be sure to apply moisturizer to your hands after washing to prevent loss of moisture, especially during the cold season. Also don’t forget to apply moisturizer to your cuticles as well, to prevent it from cracking and drying.

Apply Sunscreen

You might think that your hands don’t need that much sun protection because its not exposed to the sun too much. But you’re wrong! Hands get extra exposure from the sun as well, like when you’re driving and the sun’s damaging rays points thru the back of your hands.

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Dermatologists recommend using a higher SPF sunscreen on the backs of your hand if you will be exposed in the sun for a long period of time. Apply sunscreen just as you would on the rest of your body.

Wash Hands Gently

Always protect your hands. How? Make sure to wear gloves when washing the dishes or whenever you’re exposing them to harsh detergents or hot water, as this can dry out the skin.

If you’re washing your hands, use a mild soap or anti-bacterial cleanser to prevent dryness which can cause the hands to look older.

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