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What Cause Dry and Brittle Hair

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People are never born with dry hair. Our hair usually ends up dry and brittle for different reasons. Some hair type is more prone to dry and brittle hair. However, this is a hair condition that can be easily treated. One of the biggest reasons why our hair becomes dry and brittle is due to the lack of natural oils. These oils are produced by our scalp to keep it from going dry and itchy. This can also hydrate your hair and keep it healthy. There are different ways we can strip natural oils from our tresses. We’ve asked hair stylist and hair experts to identify some of the biggest culprits and simple ways to fix them. Read on to find out more!

Smoothing Treatments

This may seem like a complete opposite of what a smoothing treatment does, but over doing anything that is good is never a good thing. Smoothening treatments are great for smoothing out the hair and making it look bouncy and luscious. However, doing this more so than normal and one after another will lead to dry and brittle hair. This is due to the build-up of too much protein in the hair causing it to be brittle. Smoothening treatments that also use the heat from flat irons can dry out the hair. These treatments should be done not more than twice a week or even less. If you really want to treat your hair, opt for deep conditioning treatment that can hydrate hair and actually make the smoothing treatment last longer.

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Have you ever noticed how much the weather can affect your hair? There are days in the winter where your hair becomes incredibly dry and fragile, while it can be extremely oily and limp during summer or even vice versa? This is mostly due to the strong and cold winds during winter and the hot summer heat in the summer. This factor can greatly dry out the hair and cause it to be more prone to damage. Adding in lack of moisturizing treatment in the winter and sun exposure in the summer. You are surely leaving your hair dry and parched. During times of extreme cold and heat, try your best to hydrate your hair and protect it from sun exposure.

Using the Wrong Cleanser

Not all shampoos are made for every hair type. There are certain shampoos that tend to be a lot stronger than others. Shampoos that were made for anti-dandruff and oily hair tend to be a lot stronger, one of their characteristics is the ability to dry out the scalp. People that do not have oily scalps that use this type of shampoo may experience dry scalp, itching and dry hair. This also goes for your husband’s shampoo. Men tend to have oilier scalp than women. Making most of their products unsuitable for women or people with sensitive scalp and hair.


Everything about us is practically affected by our hormone. From our moods, skin, nails and our hair. People that use birth control pills, undergoing menopause and pregnancy are under a lot of hormonal changes within their body that can have a huge effect on our hair. Some women may experience dry and brittle hair, while some can experience oily and thinning hair. This type of problem should be dealt with a professional. Ask them about treatments that can help reduce the dryness and brittleness that won’t affect your health.

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Brushing Wet Hair

This is one of the most easily made culprits on the list. The hair is most susceptible to damage when it is wet. This is why one of the basic rules of hair care has been to never use combos on wet hair. Not only are you breaking your hair strands, you are also pulling your hair by the follicle. This can damage the hair entirely and prevent it from growing. Combing it can also cause the natural oils or conditioner you just used to be completely stripped off from your hair. When you really want to comb your hair, try to use a wide tooth comb or a brush that has a bit of leave in conditioner to make brushing smoother.

There are some people that are born with oily hair. This is due to the overproduction of natural oils of the scalp. If you are born with oily hair, it does not mean that you will not be prone to dry or brittle hair. We are all prone to it, especially if you are prone to exposure to the culprits above. Keep your healthy and moisturize by following these tips and straying away from hair damaging chemicals.

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