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Anusitis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Some issues regarding our health that we may encounter from time to time are simply too embarrassing to be discussed with friends and even our doctors. One of those is what’s called anusitis. Simply put, anusitis is the irritation of the area surrounding your anal opening. Who has the guts to talk about this with someone?

If you feel that you have anusitis, continue reading. Below you will find some of the most important matters that you need to know about it, such as its causes and symptoms, as well as what you can do to deal with it.

Feel free to share this on your various social media sites. Some of the people in your network may be secretly suffering from anusitis, and they will surely be grateful for coming across this article. However, always remember that this article is not meant to serve as a replacement for taking a trip to the doctor’s clinic.


While it may at times produce a few symptoms that are similar to those experienced by people who have hemorrhoids, anusitis is not in any way related to hemorrhoids.

Usually, anusitis is caused by the diet, in particular one that consists of acidic foods. If you eat a lot citrus fruits, you may end up with a bout of anusitis. Some acidic foods are not citrus fruits, such as Italian sauces, coffee and red wine. But other than acidic foods, you may also end up with anusitis if you love consuming anything hot or spicy.

The inclusion of the above mentioned foods can cause discharge to the anal area that can be very irritating. And as soon as irritation strikes, a number of unfavorable symptoms may occur.

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By the way, some people think that stress can bring about anusitis. However, doctors confirm that there is no truth to this. But they say that stress can be linked to anusitis. You see, stress is something that can have an impact on your diet, and it’s not unlikely for you to consume some of the trigger foods when you’re stressed.


The area around the anal opening is very sensitive, and even the slightest of irritations can cause all sorts of symptoms. Anusitis involves discharge that can be very irritating to the delicate skin around the anus.

It’s for this reason why some of the symptoms of anusitis can be very uncomfortable. If you are suffering from this highly embarrassing issue, it’s very much possible for you to experience a lot of anal itching. Scratching is a complete no-no. Otherwise, you may only aggravate the irritation around the anal opening, causing the symptoms to intensify.

Some people who have anusitis report of experiencing a burning sensation down there. Due to the irritation taking place around the anal opening, there may be bleeding which you may notice when wiping with toilet paper.

Failure to put anusitis under control can keep the irritated area around the anus from healing. At times the various symptoms experienced may worsen, leaving the individual with no choice but to consult a doctor about it. If you find that to be too embarrassing, it’s important that you put anusitis under control.


Luckily, dealing with anusitis can be done at home, saving you from the embarrassment of admitting it to your doctor and having him or her take a look at the problem area.

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If you are suffering from anusitis, one of the most important things you should do is change your diet. Steer clear of any food or beverage that’s acidic. It’s also recommended for you to turn your back on anything that’s hot or spicy. Keeping a food diary is a good idea so that you may easily identify the triggers.

Wiping with toilet paper after a bowel movement is not recommendable. What you need to do is wash the anal area with mild soap and water, and also making sure that your dry it thoroughly afterwards.

Moisture is an enemy to anyone who has anusitis, and one of the best ways to keep the irritated area around the anal opening is by dusting a little cornstarch or baby powder on it.

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