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Know the Different Types of Foundation Finishes

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The type of finish you end up is up to you and based on 3 factors. These three factors are your skin type, the foundation you will and the application.

Below are the different type of foundation finishes and simple steps on how you can achieve them:


Matte finish tends to last longer so it’s great for special events. It has medium to full coverage which is perfect if you are prone to breakouts. It looks good on women who have an oily skin combination. But if you use the right products, its great for any skin type.

How to:
1. Use a moisturizer on your dry areas. You can apply a matte primer if you have oily skin.

2. Using a flat foundation brush, apply foundation, blending small areas. Matte foundations set very fast so work as fast as you can. Use a concealer when needed.

3. To help your make-up to last longer, you may apply a loose powder.

4. Contour lightly with bronzer to prevent makeup from looking flat.


Comes in between dewy and matte. But it is not as flat as matte or as shiny as dewy. This is perfect for most skin types except oily ones. Considered to be the most common foundation finish and provides low to medium coverage.

How to:
1. Prepare face with moisturizer then apply a primer. Wait about ten minutes before applying anything.

2. Buff your foundation in circular motions using a stippling brush. You can use a larger flat foundation brush to apply extra product if needed.

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3. Apply light translucent powder to your face to set your make-up by using a big fluffy brush.

4. Lastly, apply a touch of bronzer at the top of the cheekbones.


This is perfect if you only need a little coverage or you’d rather go bare. This works for combination and normal skin types.

How to:
1. Dampen a makeup sponge and dip into your foundation/moisturizer mix then apply all over your face.

2. You can skip applying powder or just apply a thin layer on your the face using a powder brush but only to the areas where you get oily, in the chin and T-zone.


If you want to go for that youthful soft glow then this is for you. This is great for outdoors and for normal and dry skin types.

For women with oily skin, they should be careful with this look because it can make blemishes and pores look more pronounced.

How to:
1. Prepare your skin with facial moisturizer. Once the moisturizer has settled apply an illuminating product over your face in the forehead, under the eyes and cheekbones.

2. Apply a light moisturizing foundation all over using a stippling brush in a circular movements. Conceal any blemishes if needed.

3. Use a cream highlighter and cream blush on your cheeks for that extra glow using your fingertips by gently patting it on.

4. Put a small amount of translucent powder on the sides of your chin, nose and under the eyes.

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