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Tips on Reducing Your Alcohol Consumption

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Many have tried turning their backs on alcohol completely and failed big time. If you want to save yourself from going through the same humiliation and frustration, then it’s a good idea for you to set a more realistic goal: instead of quitting alcohol altogether, just considerably reduce your consumption of it.

To help you get started on your quest on having an alcohol-less — not alcohol-free — life, then keep on reading. Below your will come across some really simple tips on how to have your consumption of alcohol reduced significantly. Who knows ­— these tips could be your ticket to completely ditching alcohol one day in the future!

Eat Before You Drink

There are a couple of reasons why having a full stomach can help you achieve your goal so much better. First, it’s less likely for you to drink a lot of alcohol since there is not much room left in your stomach. Second, having a full stomach causes a delay in the absorption of alcohol — the less drunk you are, the more control you have over the amount of alcohol you drink. Always remember: the heartier the meal, the more you’ll be able to dodge excessive alcohol intake.

Steer Clear of Salty Treats

It is a good idea for you to stay away from chips, fries, salted nuts and others that are packed with sodium. That’s because they can make you feel thirsty, causing you to glug down a lot more of the beverage that you have super easy access to — alcohol! Feel free to snack on some salty treats while in the company of your alcohol-drinking buddies if you feel that you can follow the next tip on reducing your alcohol intake without any trouble.

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Alternate Between Alcohol and Water

Here’s one smart tip on how to ensure that you’re not going to end up consuming more alcohol than planned: alternate an alcoholic beverage with something else, like water. Don’t drink a glass of water in a snap — take small sips at a time only like your life depends on it! If water’s too boring for the party, fret not. Instead of water, it’s perfectly fine to alternate an alcoholic beverage with fruit juice or soda — or anything else that’s non-alcoholic and your taste buds love.

Do Something Else at the Party

Certainly, you should not focus on lapping up the beverage in your hand throughout the duration of your night out with your best buds. Otherwise, you will end up having more alcohol than you should. It’s a good idea for you to talk — a lot! You may consider showcasing your best dance moves on the dance floor. The event’s an open mic night? Grab the opportunity to give everyone a taste of the singer or strand-up comic in you!

Look for Different Pals

If it seems like your excessive alcohol intake is purely due to peer pressure, perhaps it’s time for you to spring into action and do the inevitable step: look for a different set of friends. Definitely, you should opt for individuals who are creative enough to look for other places to hang out at (other than the bar) or things to engage in (other than drinking alcohol). If you can’t ditch your alcohol-loving buddies, then limit the time you hang out with them per week or month.

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WARNING: If it’s apparent that your health, personal relationship or career is already suffering because of your excessive alcohol consumption, it’s definitely a good idea for you to pay a doctor a visit ASAP so that you may be able to know the various steps that you may take in order to quit your alcohol consumption completely.

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