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Side Effects of The IUD You Never Knew Existed

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The IUD is not as generalized as birth control pills or condoms, but is one of the most effective contraceptive. The IUD is also known as an intrauterine device is a small T shaped plastic piece that is professionally inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. This method of birth control is said to be one of the most convenient method and is best for women that frequently forget to take their pills. This is also ideal for women who are prone to blood clots and cannot take the pill. However, with its many benefits – there are also side effects to them. With most birth control methods that affect hormones, you will definitely experience side effect and some that you aren’t aware of. If you plan to get an IUD or currently using one, here are a few possible side effects that you may experience and how you can deal with them.


Some women had noted that since they got an IUD they have been experiencing uncontrollable sweating, even in cold weather. Some women experience this in the first few months only and some last longer. The cause of sweating from the IUD is unknown, but speculations is that it is the effects of the hormones. You may require more deodorant or antiperspirant if you are already prone to sweating.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting is a common side effect of most hormonal birth control methods. This goes the same for IUD. Hormonal IUD is the one that typically has these side effects rather than the non-hormonal one. The changes in hormone levels can cause the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract to weaken. This with the nausea can lead to vomiting. It can also cause food to travel a lot slower into the stomach, making you more prone to nausea and stomach aches. The best thing you can do is to eat slower and take smaller bites. If your nausea is affecting your day to day activity, consult your doctor for alternatives.

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An Irregular Heartbeat

This is not a common side effect of the IUD, but it does appear in some users. Some IUD users have experienced shortness of breath and palpitation. This is a severe side effect that should not be ignored. If you experience these, go to your doctor immediately. They can help make sure that everything is okay or when they need to remove the IUD. If you also experience an asthma attack after getting the IUD go to your medical professional.

Menstruate Longer

This is a common side effect of IUD that usually last a few months after getting the IUD inserted. It typically last on the first three to six months of insertion. However, severe bleeding or pain in the area should be checked out. Severe bleeding can be dangerous; it can be a symptom of hemorrhaging. Severe pain is also a symptom that you need to go visit your gynecologist.

Tender Breast

Swollen and sensitive breast are often symptoms of your period. However, using an IUD could make you experience these sensations any time of the month. This is mostly due to the hormones released by the IUD. It can lead to discomfort and a bit of pain. However, the pain usually last for about a day or two. If these side effects last more than 5 days, we advise you to set an appointment with your gynecologist.

Painful Menstrual Cramps

The IUD is mostly known for its ability to reduce or remove menstrual cramps. However, some women have experienced sudden painful cramps after getting their IUD. If your cramps are becoming too painful that you are unable to move or function, go to your doctor immediately. The doctor will be able to test you for the cause of the pain or if you need to get the IUD removed. This can also identify if you have a concerning health risk such as endometriosis.

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Discomfort During Intercourse

Some women have said that they experience discomfort when they are with their partner. It is suggested this is often due to the lack of lubrication that can be a symptom of some contraceptive. It does not appear on most users though. You can reduce this discomfort by using more lubrication during intercourse.

We are not created the same, so some birth control method will not work for you or have more severe side effects. Nonetheless, a thing to keep in mind when considering getting an IUD is that it is one of the most highly recommended contraceptive by monogamous couples (IUDs cannot protect you from STDs) and medical professionals. Also, never get an IUD from someone that is not a licensed professional. If your body is responding negatively to any of your birth control method, talk to your doctor immediately.

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