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Tips on Hosting a Wellness Week at School

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Schools nowadays are starting to see the importance of wellness training to their children at such an early age. This is due to the alarming rate in obesity that is happening all over the world. Processed foods, sweet treats, lack of exercise, are just a few culprits associated with weight gain which is why schools, with the help of parents, are doing wellness week in schools today. It can be quite challenging to come up with your own wellness ideas especially if this is your first time to do so which is why here are a few tips that can help you get started.

Try the Screen Free Pledge

Kids these days prefer to play with their smartphones, tablets, or computers that they barely move from their chair the entire day. Unfortunately, this habit not only affects their weight, and their eyesight, but their communication skills too. Part of the Wellness Week is weaning kids from their use of gadgets and teaching them to play or learn something new. To do this, creating a pledge that kids will not be screen free for a week and for their parents to assist them can help create better relationships all around.

Breakfast of champs

It’s always a good idea to teach kids the importance of breakfast and not just any breakfast but one that is packed with nutrition. Schools are integrating breakfast during their wellness week not just for students, but for parents and teachers alike. After a week, more students eat breakfast on a daily basis.

Snap a veggie

Another tip for your Wellness Week is to encourage children to bring vegetables for their lunch or choose from the cafeteria. Volunteer parents will go around the cafeteria taking photos of children who are eating their vegetables. These photos will go up the school lobby so the others can see. This encourages others to do the same too since because they can get featured in the week’s photo wall.

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Healthy changes

Another tip that you can follow for your Wellness Week is to do some healthy changes around the school. For example, instead of teachers rewarding their students with candies and such, extra time during recess can be given so they will be able to play some more. Even including health and wellness tips in the school’s monthly newsletter can lead to healthier students because you are giving them ideas on what they can do during their free time.

Walk or bike to school

Kids these days get a ride to school from the school bus or from their parents but during Wellness Week, you can encourage students to participate in the walk or ride a bike to school day. Walking School Bus can be delegated to parents who volunteer for the task where they pick up kids in designated routes then walk all the children to school. Walking is one of the cheapest forms of exercise plus, when you’re doing it with a number of people, you won’t get bored and it can foster healthier relationships too. Those who walked or rode a bike to school will get a badge at the entrance which they can get a reward afterwards.

Lessons on eating healthy

It’s going to be hard for students to try eating healthy when their parents don’t. This is why it is always a good idea to have parents join in for some lessons on healthy eating so that they too can start wellness right in their very own homes.

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