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5 Things Mature Women Should Know About Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Beyond 60s

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Reaching the age of 60 is an achievement on its own. Getting here without looking your age, well, that’s a feat all to itself. As we age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity since collagen production is reduced. This is why you will see some fine lines and wrinkles appearing on our forehead, around the eyes, and even on the corners of your mouth. Although these are not harmful and are part of the aging process, there are steps that you can take with regards to your anti-wrinkle skin care regimen.

Avoid overexposure to the sun

It’s nice that you are enjoying the outdoors at your age, but without adequate protection from the harsh rays of the sun, you are prone to more wrinkles as well as age spots. If you do plan on tending your garden or have fun with your grandkids during the summer, make sure that you wear a wide brimmed hat or apply sunscreen. You will need all the help that you can get when it comes to your skin and these two can help keep signs of aging at bay.

Relax and get some sleep

Tension in the muscles especially around the face can actually invite more wrinkles to appear. It’s understandable that stress can’t be avoided at times but devote some of your time, especially before bed time, to do some relaxation such as listening to your favorite songs, reading a book, or just enjoying a glass of red wine. When you are relaxed, any tension in your muscles will disappear so there will be less crease to worry about plus you can sleep faster and better too.

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Nutrition is important

Relying on supplements alone as well as skin care products can only do so much when it comes to maintaining that youthful glow to your skin as you age. You also need to consider your diet and loading up on foods that have high nutritional value. Look for foods that can give you vitamins, minerals, calcium, essential fatty acids and the like so your skin will still be able to retain healthy cells.

Hydrate regularly

It is important that you make hydration a part of your daily routine especially at this age. You see, lack of hydration can actually heighten the wrinkles and lines on your skin making you look older than your years. What’s more, this can lead to dry and dull looking skin which you don’t want at this age because it can emphasize signs of aging. Water is a good source of hydration but you can also prepare fruit infused water to add more zing to your drink.

Stick with natural products

Your skin doesn’t need to be damaged further with the use of skin care products that are loaded with chemicals as they can only do more harm than good. A better option would be to use skin care products that have natural ingredients as they can moisturize, nourish, and enhance the quality of your skin without any lingering side effects. If you can’t find any, you can always make some yourself such as face masks using bananas, avocados, honey, and the like. This can be a fun way of enjoying some me time where you get to pamper yourself without spending too much. 

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Aging may be part of our natural process but this doesn’t mean that we can’t slow it down. At this age, more skin care is needed to keep our skin looking young and healthy as we age.

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