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Benefits of Mandala Coloring

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Mandala coloring books and apps are definitely not for kids — they are completely devoid of cartoon or comic book characters that children adore. Instead, they feature circular designs that consist of repeated shapes and patterns.

A Sanskrit word meaning “circle” or “center” in English, a mandala is considered as something sacred in the world of Hinduism and Buddhism, and it represents the universe and also harmony.

These days, mandalas are quite popular among adult coloring book enthusiasts. If you’re planning on grabbing a mandala coloring book or downloading an app version of it for your smartphone, keep on reading — below you will come across some of the most amazing health benefits of mandala coloring.

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It Relieves Stress

Sniffing lavender essential oil, getting a full-body massage, taking a soothing bubble bath, listening to relaxing music, watching funny YouTube videos — been there, done that!

If right now you are on the hunt for a different way to lower your stress levels, give mandala coloring a try.

Health authorities cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your stress to a minimum. Failure to do so could increase your risk of battling all sorts of problems sooner or later, and some examples of them include obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer!

It Lowers Anxiety

Are you one of the millions of people who are battling anxiety these days? Then consider getting your hands on a mandala coloring book and a box of coloring pencils, or downloading a mandala coloring app on your smartphone.

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Coloring one geometric shape after the other allows you to take your mind away from your anxious thoughts.

You can step foot inside the clinic of a psychiatrist and get prescribed with sedating drugs that come with nasty side effects and are highly addictive, or you can simply color a mandala beautifully. At the end of the task, it’s for certain that you will feel more relaxed, thus allowing you to resume having a normal day.

It Lets You Meditate

If you have been trying to welcome meditating into your everyday life for some time now because you want to be able to take advantage of the perks it’s known to offer, it is a wonderful idea to start mandala coloring.

Believe it or not, coloring a mandala is actually a form of meditation.

Yes, there is no need for you to sit in the lotus position, close your eyes and chant “om” perpetually just for you to meditate. The simple act of filling a mandala with all kinds of bright colors is more than enough to allow you to meditate and also enjoy the many wonderful effects of meditating on the body and mind.

It Combats Insomnia

Cannot fall asleep at night and that’s why you spend your time on social media until you feel sleepy? Experts say that this is something that can make you even wide awake all night long.

Rather than clutch your smartphone or tablet, consider grabbing a mandala coloring book.

Coloring a mandala is a much better way to deal with insomnia. Just remember to opt for a traditional coloring book rather that the app kind — the goal is to keep yourself from coming into contact with blue light emitted by the display panels of electronic devices as they can disrupt your body clock.

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It Alleviates Chronic Pain

More and more people who are battling chronic pain are turning to non-drug remedies in order to spare themselves of various unfavorable side effects and also serious health dangers.

If you are experiencing all kinds of body aches and pains all the time, give mandala coloring a try.

Each time you color a mandala, your mind is diverted away from your pain, thus allowing you to attain much-deserved relief. Earlier, it was mentioned that mandala coloring is in fact a form of meditating — a lot of chronic pain sufferers swear by the sheer effectiveness of mandala coloring in providing relief without constantly administering painkillers.

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