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Natural Remedies to Combat Stomach Virus

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A tummy bug is a common name for gastroenteritis. Other terms also widely used to refer to the ailment are stomach virus and stomach flu. Gastroenteritis refers to the irritation of the stomach lining and the intestines. A stomach virus usually lasts for a day or two. Common symptoms include diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, low fever and vomiting.

Stomach virus infections can be caused by a number of different factors like bacteria, parasite, alcohol intoxication, food poisoning or sensitivity to drugs and certain food allergies.  However, out of the possible sources that can cause the disease, the most common are viruses.

There are simple and natural ways in getting rid of this common ailment. Easing the symptoms and healing yourself from stomach virus can be attained by simply avoiding the intake of foods that can aggravate the stomach. Rehydration and the removal of toxins from the body is a must while relaxing and retraining the digestive system. The hassles one can get from experiencing stomach virus are surely things that one intends to avoid. Here are natural remedies that can serve as portals in escaping the troubles of having stomach virus.


This fruit is known to soothe stomachs and is renowned in providing a good supply of potassium in the body. Potassium is important in order to replenish the minerals lost via vomiting or diarrhea. A banana is also efficient in binding the stuffs inside the intestine to make it consolidated and can reduce the number of times spent in going to the comfort room.


Drinking ginger in a form of tea or directly chewing a piece of it can ultimately solve the discomforts a stomach virus can bring. Since long ago, ginger has been widely used as an effective cure for diarrhea since it has a natural anti-inflammatory property which can aid in digestion and can comfort the nauseous feeling. It is also able to relax and sooth the main part affected by the stomach virus which is the intestinal tract.

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Bael Fruit

Bael fruit, with its variety of medicinal benefits, is a good option in treating stomach virus. It is considered as a coolant and it can be a rich source of Vitamin C. This fruit can easily and efficiently digest foods that are taken into the body which relatively takes a long time to digest and causes the digestive system to further stagnate. And since it is an alkaline food, it can assist in clearing the digestive tract, detoxifying the body and alleviating the acidity in the stomach.

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