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Simple Habits to Bust Stress

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Stress can build up overtime. We may not feel at first, until we realize that we are becoming irritable, prone to sickness, and getting tired all the time. You might think that stress is such a little thing to concern yourself with but leaving it alone can make its symptoms worse. High stress levels can cause your blood pressure to go up which can lead to stroke or heart attack. So, before it even gets there, here are a few simple habits that can help bust stress in a flash.

Go on a digital hiatus

One way to bust stress is to give yourself some time off from your gadgets. You’ve probably spent most of your time hooked to your devices which not only strain your eyes but it also causes you to feel stressed especially when checking out your social media accounts. The constant disturbance of receiving notifications, emails, and the like can be disrupting your work flow and may make you feel stressed too. Turn off your phones, tablets, and such for a day and enjoy the peace and quiet that it brings.

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Start journaling

Another way for you to combat stress is to start writing on a journal regardless of whether you are having a good or a bad day. Writing down everything that you are feeling can actually reduce the amount of stress that you are feeling because you will be able to release all the pent-up emotions inside of you.


What else can you do to make you relieve the stress that you are feeling? Reading can help lower your stress in just a few minutes which many seems to be forgetting. The next time that you are feeling worked up because of a problem or a thorny situation, pick up a book and read it. For sure, you’ll be absorbed after a few pages into it.

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Start working out

One of the best ways for you to let off steam is to start working out. Lifting weights, running laps, or doing intense workouts is a great way for you to release stress. As your heart rate goes up, your mind starts to focus on what you are doing to the point that you forget your problems. Another perk to working out is that it will help strengthen your muscles and bones too which can also protect you from illnesses.

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