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Spooky DIY Nail Art Designs for HalloweenSpooky DIY Nail Art Designs for Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner and many are already thinking of what outfit they are going to wear for the parties that are sure to come. Zombies, witches, werewolves, Walking Dead casts, even Disney princesses never go out of fashion. But to truly get into character, you shouldn’t forget to sport some ghoulishly spooky nail art designs too. Of course, you don’t have to go to the nail salon to have your nails done because there are quite a lot of DIY spooky nail art designs that you can do on your own. Here are some to get you started:

Glowing Jack o’ Lanterns

Are you the master pumpkin carver at home? Well, you are in for a treat because you can transfer your skills with the pumpkin to your nails with this easy-to-do glowing Jack O’ Lantern nail art. You need to start with a base coat in white followed by two coats of nail lacquer in chromatic orange. Use Black Onyx lacquer to create different faces on your nails before covering the rest in black. Apply top coat afterwards. The orange lacquer will definitely pop out in this nail art so get creative with your pumpkin faces.

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Frankenstein Nails

Another DIY nail art that will be a big hit come Halloween is dressing up your nails with Frankenstein’s image. What’s great about this nail art is that you don’t really need to have a steady hand to capture his image. After all, Frankenstein isn’t exactly clean cut and all. Just look for that right green nail lacquer and paint in on your nails after your base coat. Allow it to dry first before painting the hair, eyes, and stitched lips. Cover afterwards with top coat.

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Vampire Nails

Going out as a vampire on your next Halloween party? Complete the bloody vibe by painting your nails with a dose of vampire fangs to really get into the part. After you apply the base coat of black lacquer, pain a bit of the edge and base of the nail with red lacquer to create the lips. Once it has dried, use white lacquer to create your teeth and fangs. Use black lacquer to create a more defined set of teeth then apply top coat afterwards. People will be screaming with amazement on how your nails are ready for Trick or Treat.

Catty Nail Art

Thinking about dressing up as a black kitten come Halloween? Do your nails too to really capture the feline essence by transforming them into claws. Use acrylic nails to get that sharp edge. Use black lacquer on the edges then add a dusting of gold on top. Cover it up with top coat afterwards to seal in the color.

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Spider Webs

There is something spooky about webs decorating a house, a post, or a fence even. It is as if there are freaky spiders waiting for a good meal. Give off that spidery feel to your fingers by dressing it up in webs and you’ll definitely start the Halloween spirit. The best part is that this is quite easy to do on your own. Start with the base coat to cover your nails with protection then use a black lacquer on your nails. Once it has dried use a white nail polish to draw your webs on your fingers in any way you like. Let it dry once more before applying the top coat and you are done. 

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Who said that getting into the Halloween spirit should be difficult? Regardless of whether you want to show off your spooky side or you want to get into character come Halloween, your nails deserve some attention too. These are just a few ideas to try out if you are willing to share some of your spooky side to others.


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