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Are You Obsessed With Beauty Products? Here are the Signs

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No, you won’t go to jail for being addicted to beauty products. However, it can leave a massive dent in your budget, not to mention people will think that you’re a superficial person.

Being hooked on cosmetics is usually a sign of poor self-image and low-self confidence — the feeling that her appearance is not at par with today’s beauty standards can easily make a woman drawn to purchasing and using all sorts of beauty products to ensure that society’s expectations can be met each time she steps foot outside the home.

Oh, and addiction to makeup actually goes beyond skin deep!

Sometimes, the insatiable need to get your hands on all sorts of cosmetics can be a telltale sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD in which there is this obsession with makeup and the compulsion to purchase and hoard them. And when you spend money on beauty must-haves more than your means, there can be a huge problem.

There are instances, too, in which the issue can be attributed to body dysmorphic disorder or BDD, which is actually a type of anxiety disorder characterized by the person’s distorted view of his or her appearance, and spending a lot of time being concerned with the way he or she looks.

Certainly, there is a fine line between wanting to look presentable and being addicted to cosmetics. So how can you tell if you are the kind of woman who lives and breathes beauty products? Here are some of the signs:

Your Bathroom Looks Like a Makeup Store

It’s easy to tell that there is a problem when your bathroom looks more like it’s a makeup store rather than where you do your, ehem, business. Also, all of the fixtures installed there seem like they are meant more for a cosmetic kiosk at the mall than for an average bathroom that offers utmost comfort and practicality.

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Your Inbox is Packed with E-Mails From Popular Cosmetic Chain Stores

Each and every time you receive an e-mail, is it from a well-known company or store selling makeup? Then it’s very much likely that you are addicted to cosmetics, as signified by all of those newsletters you are subscribed to. Chances are you are more aware of when a cosmetic product has gone back in stock again rather than your country’s latest political brouhaha or the name of the storm that’s currently ravaging your hometown.

Your Friends Come Over to Look Their Best

Is it your friends’ habit to step foot inside your room before heading to the mall or club because you own everything they need to look and feel beautiful? Then you know that you are hooked on cosmetics. In addition, it’s not just your makeup and related tools that your friends can get their hands on each time they drop by, but also your expertise in applying makeup as well as know-how in the trendiest looks from all the fashion capitals of the world!

Your Makeup Kit Looks More Like a Suitcase Than a Standard Kit

With all the various makeup that you need to apply and reapply, it doesn’t really come as a shock why your makeup kit can be more aptly be referred to as a “makeup suitcase”. And that massive vanity case of yours goes with you no matter where you go, making it seem like you’re headed to the airport to commence your dream vacation.

Your Social Media Sites are Filled With Nothing but Makeup

It’s apparent that you are hooked on beauty products if your various social media accounts feature nothing but your precious makeup collection and the many different looks you love to go for. Sure just about any beauty-conscious woman love to share to the public her latest find or current squeeze makeup-wise, but you know that there is a problem that needs to be resolved if not being able to post something new online makes you feel anxious or depressed.

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Your Makeup is Inch-Thick and Your Debt is Knee-Deep

Settling for makeup carrying a virtually unknown brand is not your thing because you deem your appearance as something so important that only popular makeup brands can touch it. However, it’s no secret that the world’s leading makeup brands do not come cheap, and it’s for this reason why you are in deep debt — you would rather get your hands on an expensive lipstick than pay your rent or utility bills.

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