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Ayurvedic Beauty Solutions for Oily Skin

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Constantly stressing over your oily skin? Don’t! That’s because it will only make your skin a lot shinier! What you need to do is continue reading this article because it will teach you some Ayurvedic solutions for that oily skin of yours.

But before we discuss those, let’s first take a look at why having oily skin can be a complete nightmare.

Oily skin is undeniably a cosmetic issue that can take away your self-confidence. One of the reasons why is the obvious fact that it can leave your face gleaming like a greased frying pan — sure it can make a lots of heads to turn towards your direction, but definitely for the wrong reason!

Having excess oil on your skin all the time can make you highly susceptible to developing blackheads and pimples. That’s because it can leave your pores more prone to clogging up and getting infected, most especially if dust and bacteria are present, too. Oh, excess oils can also make your pores look enormous!

It’s true that there are plenty of beauty products out there formulated for people who suffer from oily skin. However, they can carry very steep price tags, easily causing beauty- and budget-conscious shoppers to run away.

What’s more, a lot of those commercially-available remedies for skin oiliness contain harsh ingredients, making them unsuitable for those who have oily and sensitive skin. Some of the chemicals in them may even worsen some of the added problems faced by those with oily skin, like blackheads, pimples and enlarged pores.

Luckily, Ayurveda has the perfect solution — it deals with excess oils without causing additional beauty nightmares! So without further ado, here are the best oily skin fixes from the world of Ayurvedic healing:

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Quick and easy, applying milk on your face using a cotton ball helps break down excess oils, leaving your face matted. What’s so nice about this Ayurvedic solution for oiliness is it won’t leave your skin dry like constant face washing. In addition, milk will nourish your skin, making it look healthy, young and beautiful.

Orange Juice

Freshly-squeezed orange juice is something that can make that shine go away in a zap. But if you have sensitive skin, make sure that you dilute orange juice with equal amounts of water, or more, before applying it with a cotton ball.

Aloe Vera

Do you have aloe vera in your garden? Lucky you because you have an effective all-natural fix for excess oils! Simply daub the gel from an aloe vera leaf on the oiliest areas of your face, and then wash off with water after 10 minutes. You may also try using aloe vera juice, provided that it’s 100% pure.

Egg Whites

You may try applying egg whites on your face and leave it there to dry. Once taut, carefully peel off and wash your face with cold water. This solution for too much oils works like a charm every single time.

Used Tea Bag

Ayurveda beauty experts also recommend placing used tea bags on problem areas to help deal with excess oils. That’s because tea bags supply the skin with tannins that tame those hyperactive oil glands of yours. Tea bags also provide antioxidants that help shield your skin from age-accelerating free radicals.

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You may boil a handful of neem leaves in water. Once cool, strain and transfer to a clean container. Apply this homemade oil zapper with a cotton ball as necessary. Keep its container in the fridge for longevity.

Do you have family and friends whose faces gleam all the time and are very much frustrated with today’s costly beauty products that fail to impress? Then don’t forget to share this article on your various social media sites — get them introduced to some of the best Ayurvedic home remedies for oily skin!

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