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How to Paint Nails on Dominant Hand without Messing It Up

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We all want to have perfectly manicured nails which is why most of us tend to go the nail salon to get our nails done. But there are times when our budget just won’t allow us this little indulgence of ours which means that we will have to do our nails on our own. This won’t be much of a problem though if only we are skilled in weilding our non-dominant hand when it comes to painting the opposite hand. Unfortunately, we have all struggled with this. You are lucky if you can ask someone to paint your nails for you but for most of us, doing our manicure on our own will have to do.

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The good news is that there are steps that you can take to paint your dominant hand without messing up your manicure too much. So how can you pull this off? Here are a few pointers for you to follow to get that perfect manicure on your dominant hand.

Push cuticles back. The first thing that you need to do before you paint your nails is to push the cuticles back using an orange wood stick. This helps create more space for you to work on. Apply some cuticle softener to make this easy on you. Just make sure that you don’t push too much or too hard even otherwise you might damage your cuticle bed.

Choose your base coat. The next step would be to get your base coat ready. Swirl the brush on the base coat until it becomes skinny and roundish in shape. Start with the nail ends when applying the base coat to help seal the nail bed. This is important as you don’t want to cut or damage your nail bed since it might attract bacteria or germs that can cause nail problems in the long run.

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Learn to manipulate the brush. One of the toughest things about painting your dominant hand is that the other hand will have a hard time manipulating the brush. This is not unusual as we favor the hand that we use all the time. But don’t worry because there is a trick that you can practice to apply nail polish evenly. For starters, when you need to apply the polish, you should manipulate the brush to become flat. Press it down gently on the end of the nail bed. Here comes the tricky part: while keepng the brush steady, roll your hand along the edges of the nail then swipe downwards. You will notice that the polish has been applied steadily and evenly.

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Repeat. Once you get the hang of applying polish on the edges evenly, you only need to repeat the same process with the rest of your nail polish. You can add two to three layers of nail polish to get the desired color or effect. Make sure that you allow the polish to dry in between for a more even look.

Seal the color. The last step would be to seal all the colors on your nails with the top coat. Again, press the brush gently on the nail end and then swipe downwards. The goal here is to cover the entire nail with the top coat to seal in the color and for added protection against chipping and environmental factors as well. 

So you see? There is a still chance for us to show off evenly manicured nails on our own thanks to the tips mentioned above. Who would have thought that it is possible to get this done on our own?

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